Jeff R

"There are so many things to like in my position ..."

What do you like best about your position?

There are so many things to like in my position as an HVAC Mechanic at Lehigh. For example,

you get to work with the latest HVAC equipment on the market today which includes Honeywell

and Seimen's systems plus getting to work hands-on with the mechanical side of the trade. I

also get the opportunity to work on all three of Lehigh's campuses, which include Asa Packer,

Mountaintop, and Goodman campus. In addition to my duties in HVAC, I get directly involved

with people such as students, professors, and administrators.

What time do you arrive at work? What time do you leave work?

Our work hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with one hour for lunch.

Why did you choose Lehigh University as your employer of choice?

For me it was a case of leaving an industry that was slowly downsizing. When I saw the ad in

the newspaper I was excited to think I could go to work for one of the strongest universities in

the country. After my interview, I knew I would be happy here.

What Lehigh University events and activities have you participated in beyond your

department to become a more active member of the Lehigh community?

Lehigh offers a lot of activities such as guest speakers, athletic events, and a wide range of

events including personal events like HealthSCAN which allows employees to obtain a complete

blood work-up once annually free of charge.

What is your favorite location on campus and why?

I think it is easy to find a favorite spot anywhere on campus just because the entire campus is

so beautiful, but I personally like the Mountaintop Campus just because it is a little more quiet

and you have a good view.

What do you like best about working for an academic institution?

I enjoy working with a wide range of people of all ages and nationalities. The equipment I get to

work with is the latest technology in the HVAC field.

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