Reviewing Results

Reviewing results is the last phase of each review cycle. This is the formal performance appraisal process that takes place each year. The appraisal period may start as early as October 1st, but must conclude by February 28th.

The GPS performance appraisal process begins with the employee reviewing and updating performance elements including key accountabilities, performance goals and objectives, special projects/assignments, developmental goals, and/or workplace learning activities that occurred during the annual performance review cycle.

The employee must add or update weighting factors for key accountabilities, performance goals, and/or special projects, as applicable. The supervisor can select which elements should be given a weighting factor for a given performance period. The combined weightings of all elements must add up to 100%. The employee may then complete a self-appraisal and/or add comments before sending the appraisal form to the supervisor's inbox.

The supervisor  reviews the employee's input and adds supervisor's ratings and comments. The supervisor can adjust weighting factors and add additional information in the progress and outcomes fields for each performance element. If desired, the supervisor can send the form to another supervisor or manager for input. Secondary reviewers can add comments (but can not change weightings or ratings) before sending the form back to the supervisor.

When ready, the supervisor moves the form forward to the performance meeting step. Both employee and supervisor can view the form within the GPS Tool to prepare for the performance discussion.

While documentation of performance is importance, the performance conversation is the most valuable and meaningful aspect of performance management. While ongoing performance discussions are encouraged, the formal performance discussion provides an opportnity for the employee and supervisor review and discuss the performance appraisal - i.e., the progress, outcomes, and results of the accountabilities, goals, and/or special projects as tracked throughout the review cycle and which formed the basis for the appraisal.

The performance discussion also becomes the transition between reviewing past results and planning assignments and setting expectations for the next performance cycle.

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