Resources For Supervisors
Lehigh University’s Workplace Learning staff wants you to be aware of the resources available to you for professional development in your supervisory/leadership role.

Following is a list of workplace learning programs we encourage you to consider. Human Resources sends a monthly email message which provides information on upcoming programs.

Career Coaching for Managers
Focusing on staff professional development is one example of Lehigh’s strategic focus on investing in our staff members to promote their personal as well as the University’s success. Career Coaching for Managers workshop is a fast-paced, interactive program that provides managers with a menu of ways to develop and grow talent and retain the capable staff in which Lehigh has made such an investment. Supervisors will learn to support a staff team and address current and future staffing needs through the Talent Development Model.

Crash Course for Managers
Join HR and six experienced attorneys as we view and discuss employment issues and scenarios that any one of us may encounter as a manager. Be prepared and proactive in your knowledge of emploment law compliance and practical advice for topics including: documentation and discipline, FML/ADA, harassment, workplace violence and bullying, privacy rights, and much more. Meet monthly with a cohort of managers to gain insights, counsel, and referral sources that will best prepare you for the unexpected. A different topic is discussed each month. You can join the group at any time. Supervisors are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible, but you may also select sessions you prefer to attend..

Crucial Conversations
This four part learning track is designed to help us all discover how to communicate best when it matters the most. When the stakes are high, and relationships matter, whether at home or at work, it is critical that we create safety in open dialogue. When we face a crucial conversation: we can do one of three things: 1) avoid it, 2) face it, but handle it poorly, or 3) face it and handle it well. Learn the techniques for handling it well, and getting results that move us forward by committing to four half-day sessions.

Legal Updates
Twice a year, Lehigh’s Office of General Counsel partners with Human Resources to present current topics in employment law. Past topics have included Contract Basics, Documentation, Immigration, Harassment and Discrimination Prevention, and much more.

The Plus of Us
Do you know the wide range of behaviors that may constitute harassment and discrimination in the workplace? More important, do you exhibit positive behaviors that show respect for personal differences? This 90-minute interactive session covers what you’d expect from a harassment and discrimination prevention program and goes on to offer ways to respect differences for a safe and comfortable work environment.

Real Time Coaching
HR professionals Judy Zavalydriga and Linda Parks are prioritizing time on the first and third Fridays of the month to focus on your professional development and the professional development of your staff. We will use this time to talk about where your staff are at in their work life, professional growth, career interests, and more. Take time to uncover their obstacles and opportunities. Simply call or email either Judy (ext. 83897 or jaz308) or Linda (ext. 85195 or lip3) to schedule your preferred date and time.

Team Effectiveness Profile
The purpose of the Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) is to help teams develop a clearer picture of their effectiveness. The TEP enables you and your team to assess the effectiveness of your work and identify areas that may be hindering overall team performance. The TEP evaluates team performance in the following areas:

  • Mission, Vision and Goals
  • Team Roles
  • Operating Processes
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Interteam Relationships

The Team Effectiveness Profile is offered upon request and is recommended for intact groups.


Online program: Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus


External Management and Leadership Training Resources
The following programs are offered by Northampton Community College at the Southside Fowler Center: Financial support for these programs is available through the BEST Program.


Consortium Training for Comprehensive Management Development Program
Lehigh partners with the Center for Business and Industry (CBI) at Northampton Community College in offering their certificate program in Management Development. A comprehensive training of six different learning modules; each is eight hours - one day in length for a total of 48 hours or six full days. Training days are not consecutive allowing candidates time to use and practice the new skills they learned before they attend the next module. You may schedule all six modules for completion of the Management Development certificate over a period of months or you may select one or more individual sessions. CBI offers the modules on a repeated basis, allowing for completion over a longer period of time to accommodate busy schedules. The local and accessible expertise of CBI is a perfect fit for learning with and from fellow colleagues of the Lehigh Valley. The Management Development certificate program was built to serve all employers who want supervisors, managers, and high potential employees to be equipped with the skills they need to be successful in a leadership role.

Practices of Successful Leaders
This workshop combines facilitator-led reviews of leadership research, empirically validated feedback, interactive exercises, individual and group processes, and video case studies to provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the concept of leadership versus management
    Understand the practices that define an effective leader
  • Recognize the realities (or practical implications) of applying leadership in today’s environment
  • Gain insight through feedback of one’s leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement and
  • Develop a plan to enhance one’s own leadership

This program gets at the heart of leadership. It uses the research of Kouzes and Posner, Noel Tichy and Daniel Goleman, to name a few, to define key practices of high-performing leaders. It concludes with action planning to define specific next steps to enhance one’s leadership.

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