How can Organizational Development support departments or teams?

There are many ways Organizational Development (OD) can help your department or team. Situations or questions that may trigger a request for an OD intervention include:

  • Is the organization undergoing transition from one stage of growth to another?
  • Does the organization need to refocus and clarify its direction?
  • Is there a sense of unrealized potential?
  • Is the organization undergoing an "identity crisis" - lacking a clear sense of who it is or what its purpose is?
  • Is the organization clinging to obsolete products, services, or practices?
  • Is the organization experiencing low staff morale and/or high turnover?
  • Has the organization grown very quickly?
  • Are there conflicts about the organization's future direction?
  • Has the organization implemented a lot of new technology?
  • Is the organization bogged down with inflexible rules, regulations, and directives?
  • Are there people in places who are stopping or hindering progress?
  • Does the organization need to realign staffing with organizational priorities?
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