Career Management - Resources and Services

The mission of Lehigh's Career Management Program is advising and helping staff members to discover and develop career strategies and provide managers with career coaching skills to support staff members in managing career opportunities at Lehigh University through Enriching, Exploring, Realigning, and Evaluating Career Mobility Options.

Enriching: Expanding skill set and increasing responsibilities in the current position.

Exploring: Assessing and defining preferences and career interests through occupational interest inventories and personality assessment tools.

Realigning: Individual Development Plans (IDPs), setting goals and prioritizing career objectives for future opportunities and professional development.

Evaluating Career Mobility Options: Expanding skills and talent portfolio through varied experiences and identifying training needs for next level or different work.


Recommended Resources:
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Job Family Compass Guides
  • Individual Development Plans




  • Individual consultations
  • Departmental consultations
  • Information sessions

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