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Summer 2011 Research Teams

Project Title

Team Leaders

Graduate Student(s)

Undergraduate Students

The human sperm equatorial segment: composition and roles in sperm function Barry Bean
Robert Flowers
Kamonrat Phopin Maria Santoyo Llamas
Stephanie Mack
Cody Molnar
Ifeoluwa Olokode
Identification of Neuropilin-plexin hetero-oligomerization domains Bryan Berger
M. Kathryn Iovine
Joyita Bhadra
Pin-Chuan Su
Theresa Collins
Dana DeSantis
Diego Liriano
Justin Nice
Silas Simotwo

Species recognition and hybridization in four Carribean Damselfish (Stegastes) Murray Itzkowitz
Paul Samollow (Texas A&M)

Andrew Black
Vance Imhoff
Sherwood Benavides
Ryan Norkett
Patrick Osborn
Daryl Watson
Effects of polymer molecular orientation and biodegradation on stem cell differentiation John Coulter
Sabrina Jedlicka
Courtney LeBlon Jordan Rejaud
Christopher White
Development of a multielectrode array (MEA) based on active recruiting of cells and formation of mechanically confined neurons Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
Susan Perry
Markus Gnerlich
Tianyi Zhou
Bryan Antigua
Christina Chung
Lauren Kraft
Peter Wallerson
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