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Summer 2010 Research Teams

Project Title

Team Leaders

Graduate Student(s)

Undergraduate Students

Next Generation Spermicides Barry Bean
Robert Flowers
Jon Rado
Tamra Rambo
Lilly Kull
Ainsley Timmel

Fabrication of Nanoporous Membranes for Bio-Nano-Particle Filtration Xuanhong Cheng
James Gilchrist
Bu Wang
Alex Weldon
Sherwood Benavides
Colleen Curley
Jonathan Cursi
Meaghan Phipps

Mesenchymal stem cells and mechanotransduction John Coulter
Sabrina Jedlicka

Mohamed Ammar
Israd Jaafar
Trevene Bell
Jon Harrison
Evan Lambert
Ashley Libutti
D'Andre Watson

Biocompatibility and bioactivity of sol-gel-derived dual-porous glass bone-replacement scaffolds Matthias Falk
Himanshu Jain
Shaojie Wang Stephanie Eider
Pauline Krzyszczyk
Leslie Smith
New drugs for stress-related disorders Ned Heindel
Shifang Lu
Carrie Garippa
  Larese Wilson-Carter
Laurie Alexander
Analysis of actin cytoskeleton structures using active contours Xiaolei Huang
Dimitrios Vavylonis
Nikola Ojkic
Tian Shen
Jennifer Colquhoun
Christopher Devulder
Peter Wallerson
Development of a reliable method for measuring electrical properties of biological cells Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
Susan Perry
Markus Gnerlich Alexander Bourque
Jacqueline Snyder



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