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Summer 2009 Research Teams

Project Title

Team Leaders

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Spermicidal and microbicidal potentials of fluorous surfactants Barry Bean
Robert Flowers
  Karyn Kesselring
Onyebuchi Olisemeka
Larese Wilson-Carter
Isolation and analysis of rare cells from biological fluids using a reversible cell capture platform Xuanhong Cheng
James Gilchrist
Pisist Kumnorkaew
Alex Weldon

Collen Curley
Kristen Mason
Abby Lefkowitz
D'Andre LeVon Watson

Biocompatibility of nano-macro dual-porous glass bone-replacement scaffolds Matthias Falk
Himanshu Jain
Shaojie Wang Stephanie Eider
Samantha Golden
Actin Filament polymerization: modeling of elongation kinetics based on anaylsis of TIRFM images Xiaolei Huang
Dimitrios Vavylonis
Matthew Smith
Tian Shen
Michael Fedorka
Ashley Ruby
Lisa Vasko
From phenotype to genotype: Integrating bioinformatics, population genomics, and quantitative genetics to identify the genes underlying adaptation Sean Mullen
Daniel Lopresti
Monika Anand
Vance Imhoff
Emily Becker
David Goldberg
Kathleen Petryna
Erica Smith

Development of a microelectromechanical system for measuring Young's modulus of biological cells Svetlana Tatic-Lucic
Susan Perry
Arkady Voloshin
Sudhakar Neti
Markus Gnerlich
Hwa Bok Wee
James Fredette
Stephen Jabaut
Walter Joseph
Daniel Marnell


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