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Lehigh University is the recipient of a four-year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to fund undergraduate science initiatives in the life sciences.  The initiative at Lehigh focuses on expanding the existing interdisciplinary culture at the University, focusing on building cross-disciplinary approaches in undergraduate courses and in undergraduate research activities. 
Undergraduate summer research opportunities under this initiative include participation in an interdisciplinary research team sponsored by the Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute.  Research teams will be composed of faculty from different disciplines, graduate students and post-doctoral associates, and undergraduate students who will work together on a common research project.  Interdisciplinary team projects may include research in genomics, bioinformatics, gene expression, behavioral neuroscience, and reproductive biology.


Program Components and Eligibility

A 10-week summer program (2014 dates: May 21-August 1) will include a research intensive experience as part of a research team as well as BDSI-sponsored research discussion sessions, research seminars, interdisciplinary research workshops, and social activities.  Students will receive a $4,200 stipend for a commitment of 40 hours per week of research.  A limited amount of on-campus housing will be available.   
Applications are invited from Lehigh undergraduates entering their junior or senior year who are interested in an intensive interdisciplinary research experience in the life sciences.  Students with majors in the life sciences, majors in mathematics, or the physical sciences including physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering are encouraged to apply.  Students from other institutions are also invited to participate, particularly minority students from underrepresented groups in the sciences.
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Previous Projects

This list includes research projects previously funded by the BDSI as well as several projects under consideration for future funding.  Final determination of funded projects will be announced in mid-Spring, prior to each summer session. 

Reproductive Biology
Cellular Biomechanics
Gene Expression in Cancer
Biomaterials in Bone Replacement
Computational Biology and Molecular Biology of RNA
Bioinformatics and Population Genomics
Engineered Biosystems and Diagnostics
Biophysical Modeling of the Cytoskeleton
Drug Development in Stress-Related Disorders
Behavioral Ecology and Genetics
Molecular Biology of Bone Development
Protein Structure and Function
Microelectromechanical Systems
Stem Cell Biology
Habitat Restoration
Gene Variation
Neural Injury

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Summer of 2007
Summer of 2008
Summer of 2009
Summer of 2010
Summer of 2011
Summer of 2012
Summer of 2013


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