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The Global Union was founded in 1997 by a group of American and international students, and staff, seeking to enhance the international voice on campus. These dedicated visionaries created the structure and constitution for a student organization open to all those seeking to broaden their horizons. Their foresight launched what has become one of Lehigh University's largest and most active student organizations. All those who have followed in their footsteps remain committed the mission and vision, the paradigm in student programming and cross-cultural engagement.

During the Spring of 2012, we hosted a 15th anniversary party for the Global Union. Past and present Global Union Executive Board and Representative Board members, as well as GA's and directors, came together in person and via Skype to share stories of how the GU has grown over the years. We even had the pleasure of welcoming guests from the Global Union at the Rochester Institute of Technology!

Here are pictures from the event:

If you are a past member and you would like to connect to old GU friends, like the GU Alumni Facebook page!

GU alumni in the news:
Reaching the Future Leaders of South Africa

The Global Union leadership through the years:
If you would like to add any information to this list, please email Dr. Bill Hunter

GU E-Board Fall 2013

GU E-Board Spring 2013

GU E-Board Fall 2012

GU E-Board Fall 2011-Spring 2012

GU E-Board Spring 2011

GU E-Board Fall 2010

Ilya Khazen
Puja Parekh
Lauren Berner, GA
Lisa Boyd
Karan Adikari
Diego Molina

Spring 2009
Ryan Ruggiero, President
Fares Ghawi, VP
Nisa Qais, Secretary
Ning Ding, VP
Yiwen Ma, VP
Veronica Nyikadzino, VP
Caroline Kusi, Intern

Fall 2008
Ilya Khazen, President
Ryan Ruggiero, VP
Jessica Lowe, Secretary
Italo Mendonca, VP
Yiwen Mao, VP
Veronica Nyikadzino, VP
Veronica Demick-Dick, VP

Cameron Copeland, President
Meredith Aach, VP
Ahmed Salim, VP
Ilya Khazen, VP
Bob Malys, VP
Kofi Appiahnkansah, VP
Soe Lwin, VP
Saptarshi Kar, GA

Bergen Ilstad
Amalraj Somarajan
Barbie Kitchell, GS
Diane Trinsey, Intern
Farid Khan
Helena Glebocki
Mohamad Matar, President
Morgan White, Intern
Shuailei Ma

Jessica Kramer
Rachel Danjczek
Yanfeng Deng
Cassandra Florian
Andrea Tulcin
Sudan Kanitkar

Patrick Schmid
Lindsey Nelson
Sarah Zurat
Robert Mitchell
Henry Animadu, GA

Ali Lateef
Jennifer Harvey
Yomaris Moldonado
Joshua Hermias

Roberto Escalante
Meg Rutherford

Brian Wright
Bill Fritche, VP
Olga Argeros, Sec.
Lydia Holiat, Intern

Eshita Bakshi
Nicole Rivera, VP
Brian Wright, Sec.
Jorge Diaz, Treas.