Student Testimonials


Jessica Lowe"Travelling to Cape Town, South Africa with my cohort is my most memorable experience of the GCP program, and one of the more unforgettable ones of my life. Having just traveled with my family for leisure vacations, it was definitely an eye-opening experience. We explored the main tourist sites, but also were able to meet and work with local people. I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but after traveling to South Africa, I decided I wanted to go somewhere very different from my own culture. I ended up studying abroad in Shanghai and Hong Kong, which were both invaluable experiences. If I were not in GCP, I probably would not have had these same experiences, which really enhanced my college experience and certainly will have an impact on my future career." -- Jessica Lowe, '10, College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)


"The Global Citizenship Program has given me a completely new outlook on the world. I applied to the program to learn about how different cultures interact in the world. I never knew that one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life would come from this program. I have never left the U.S. before, and participating in the Intersession Trip to Chile with peers who I attended classes and formed relationships with was truly amazing. As a student in the College of Business and Economics (CBE), I have seen that globalization studies and business studies have a tendency to contradict. This program has given me a unique outlook on the world and its interactions. I believe studying in the Global Citizenship program will not only help me in my place of employment upon graduation, but throughout my entire life." -- Ashley Dwyer, '08, College of Business & Economics (CBE)


"The Global Citizenship program is my most positive experience at Lehigh University so far. As a fairly experienced traveler, the program has allowed me to meet and befriend fellow students who are just as enthusiastic to see and learn about the vast world outside of the United States . While taking unforgettable classes with incredible professors and motivated students, Global Citizenship has given me a great alternative to the traditional first year English course and an excellent auxiliary to my major. As an architecture major, the intersession trip to Hong Kong gave me the opportunity to see countless examples of Asian construction styles and many of the most famous modern skyscrapers of the world. When I graduate, there is no doubt that the Global Citizenship program will stand as one of my fondest experiences here at Lehigh." -- Alex Morley, '08, College of Arts & Science (CAS)


"Joining Lehigh's Global Citizenship Program has been one of the best decisions I have made. It has taught me the importance of thinking in a global way: accepting and learning about other cultures. As a future engineer, I think it will not only help me prepare for the future as a more knowledgeable and complete professional, but also make me a more understanding and better person. I have made lots of friends from the program, and also had unforgettable new experiences with the group abroad (Intersession Trip to Hong Kong ). Ecuador is my home country; I think I have portrayed, in a certain way, my culture. Because I have contributed different views and perspectives, this experience has been enriched for every one of us in the program." -- Vicente Sanchez, '08, P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science (RCEAS)