Second experience abroad

Global Citizenship students are, by definition, globetrotters! For the second mandatory experience abroad students can choose their favorite destination, as well as the best time for their travel. Students may choose to return to the country they visited during their sophomore year, or they may travel to another country that faces current global challenges.

The second experience abroad typically takes place during junior year. A student may transfer study abroad credits back to Lehigh but credits are not required for the GC program. About half of the Global Citizenship students elect to study abroad for at least a full semester (and some of them even a whole year!). A student’s second experience abroad must be a supervised/structured experience in a non-English-speaking country and include language instruction. Home-stay is encouraged. Summer programs of at least 5 weeks are acceptable. Students are encouraged to plan this second experience abroad as early as during their freshman year, in consultation with their academic advisor, their Global Citizenship advisor, and the expert advisors from the Study Abroad Office (who can guide each student to his/her best options).

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