As with any educational endeavor, the Global Citizenship Program shines because of its participants. Enthusiastic students, engaged faculty, and dedicated staff are all essential elements for the program's success. We believe that each individual has unique experiences that can shape the GC program, and that each person can make a difference on a local and global scale.


About 20-22 students are admitted each year. Incoming students belong to a cohort. The cohesiveness of each cohort is developed through classes, travel, leadership opportunities, and co-curricular activities. The first Cohort was invited into the program in 2004-2005. The program now supports about 85 students in four cohorts and has graduated 40 alumni. Learn more >


Faculty involvement is a core commitment of the Global Citizenship. Internationally acclaimed faculty are involved in a multiplicity of ways: from teaching Global Citizenship courses on campus, to leading international trips, to advising students in fashioning their studies. Select faculty participate in the Global Citizenship faculty development seminar, which provides an inter-disciplinary forum for course and curriculum innovation in light of the Global Citizenship mission. Learn more >


The Global Citizenship Program also takes advantage of the expertise, leadership skills and networking resources of many administrators at Lehigh University.  Thanks to this wealth of connections, students are offered opportunities to interact with professionals from various offices and learn how to work in teams and how to communicate and lead effectively.

The Global Citizenship office is currently advised by David Fine. Click here to read more about the program mission and goals. Learn more >




Dr. Gisella Gisolo, Director
Global Citizenship Program
Coxe Hall
32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Phone: (610) 758-6650
Fax: (610) 758-5156