List of Courses

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Approved GCP Elective Courses

(List is constantly updated as departments offer new courses --Seek advisement for alternative course options!)

Art & Architecture
121ART/WS/GCP Women in Art
Biological Sciences
7 BIOS Human Reproduction
Civil and Environmental Engineering
242 CEE Principals & Practices of Geotechnical Engineering
345 CEE Geo-Environmental Engineering
379 CEE/EES Environmental Case Studies
Computer Science
252 CSE/STS Computers, the Internet, and Society
Earth and Environmental Sciences
31 EES Introduction to Environmental and Organismal Biology
89 EES/GCP Geographic Analysis of our Changing World
100 EES/ES/GCP Earth Systems Science
380 EES Natural and Artificial Borders
303 ECO Economic Development
473 ENGL The Global Nineteenth Century
Finance & Law
335 FIN Global Finance
Global Studies
1 GS/COM/GCP Introduction to Global Studies
12 HIST/GCP Surveys of Europe since 1648
104 HIST Themes in History
162 HIST Contemporary Europe
349 HIST Revolutions in Modern European History
350 HIST/GCP 19th Century Paris and the Invention of Modernity
Industrial & Systems Engineering
334 IE Organizational Planning and Control
International Relations
10 IR/GCP Introduction to World Politics
36 IR International Terrorism
56 IR/GCP European International Relations
120 IR Globalization and World Politics
245 IR/GCP International Organizations
339 IR/ES Global Security and the Environment
346 IR Ethical Dilemmas in International Relations
346 IR Non-State Actors in the Globalized World
Journalism and Communication
122 JOUR Media Ethics and Law
246 JOUR/IR International Communication
248 COM/GS/GCP Global Communication
366 JOUR On-line Journalism
Management & Marketing
320 MKT Global Capitalism-Marketing
301 MGT Business Mgt Practices
326 BUS Business Strategy
Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
110 EMC Energy Engineering
360 ME Nuclear Reactor Engineering
Modern Language & Literature
163GERMGerman Civilization & Culture
218GERM/MLL/THTR Goethe and Faust
231GERM/MLLNew German Cinema
240GERMContemporary Germany
260GERM/MLLMulticultural German
298GERM/MLL/GCP/WS Grimm's Fairy Tales: Folklore, Feminism, Film
320GERM/MLLBerlin: Transformations of a Metropolis
075MLL/ASIA/HIST/GCPChinese Civilization
076MLL/ASIA/HIST/GCPUnderstanding Contemporary China
127MLL/ASIA/HISTORIENTations: Approaches to Modern Asia
177MLL/ASIA/HISTChina enters the Modern Age
386MLL/ASIAChinese Culture in a Multicultural worksite (part of Lehigh in China trip)
008PHIL/GCPEthics in Global Perspectives
Political Science
003POLS/GSComparative Politics
108POLS(Global) Citizenship and its Discontents
323POLSPolitics of the European Union
324POLSPolitics of Western Europe
325POLSNationalism in Comparative Perspective
Religion Studies
009RELSpiritual Journeys
060REL/ASIAReligions of South Asia
077REL/ASIAThe Islamic Tradition
145REL/ASIA/GCPIslam and the Modern World
146REL/ASIAIslam in South Asia
148REL/GCPIslam across Cultures
195RELBuddhism and Society
221REL/ASIATopics in Asian Religions
244RELGlobalization and Religion
247REL/ASIAIslamic Mysticism
Sociology & Anthropology
106ANTHCultural Studies and Globalization
111ANTH/GCPComparative Cultures
123ANTHCultural Construction of Gender
187ANTH/ASIAPeoples of Southeast Asia
188ANTH/ASIASoutheast Asians in Southeast Asia and America
196ASIAExploration in the History of Chinese Science and Technology
235ANTHEconomic Anthropology
220ANTHFood for Thought
104SSP/POLSPolitical Sociology
105SSP/GCPThe Social Origins of Terrorism
160SSPMedicine and Society
453SSPUrban Communities
060THTR/ENGL/GCPDramatic Action
196THTRThe Playwright as Traveler