Information for Faculty - Intersession Trips

The faculty role in intersessions trips is crucial for the success of the trip. The Global Citizenship Program depends on faculty to lead these trips, lending their unique perspective and expertise in the area to enrich the students' experience. If you are interested in leading one of these experiences, contact Neil McGurty, at .

Global Citizenship Intersession Trips typically have non-traditional countries as their target destinations. Since its inception in 2004, the Global Citizenship Program has brought different cohorts to China, Hong Kong, Chile, Czech Repuplic, India, South Africa, Ghana, and Costa Rica. Each year the group is led by an expert faculty member, and every trip features different highlights. Trips are typically 10-12 days long and involve a variety of activities. For example, in previous years students have volunteered with children, hosted local experts, visited historical museums, met business leaders, participated in festivals, etc. Prior to 2012, students traveled on their Intersession Trip during their first year at Lehigh. All future trips will take place sophomore year.

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