GC Student Committee

The Global Citizenship Student Committee (GCSC) is the student governance body of the program. Serving members get elected at the end of each Fall semester, and they serve for 2 consecutive semesters. Their tasks include: preserving the spirit and the heritage of the program by running cohort-bonding activities and simulations; spreading global awareness and disseminating the special "global citizenship" ethos on and off campus; advising the program director about student life and program well-being; playing a key role in the recruitment of new students. Some of the events organized or supervised yearly by the GCSC include the GC freshman orientation, the GC photo exhibit, and the International Bazaar.


Current Committee Members (2015)

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Amie Diamond Cohort IX

Vice President

Julia Patterson Cohort X

Campus Affairs Liason

Dakota DiMattio Cohort X

Membership Chair

Soraya Todd Cohort X

Marketing and Communications

Meg Kelly Cohort X

Cohort VIII Representative

Edgar Maculi Cohort VIII

Cohort IX Representative

Sydney Bagley Cohort IX

Cohort X Representative

Amalia Cote Cohort X


Former GCSC Officers

GCSC Members 2014

GCSC Members 2013

GCSC Members 2012

GCSC Members 2011


Position duties and responsibilities

The President shall preside at all Committee meetings, prepare agendas for all meetings and submit said agendas to the Director of Global Citizenship, meet with the Director of Global Citizenship on a biweekly basis, and prepare a biannual address for the Global Citizenship community. *It is required that in order to run for President, at least one term has been served on the GCSC prior to election.

The Vice-President shall assume the position of President in the President's absence and coordinate all Committee planned events.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of the Committee, keep all approved minutes in a minute book, send minutes to all, and be responsible for the Global Citizenship Points System.

Campus Affairs Liaison
Maintains contact with Steering committee and Global Union. Helps notify GCSC about campus and community wide events to take part in.

Communications and Publicity Chair
The Communications and Publicity Chair shall be responsible for sending weekly updates on events to all, keep the HUB and BlackBoard websites up to date, and coordinate Committee planned event advertising.

Cohort Representatives (4)
The Cohort Representatives shall serve as communication liaisons between the Global Citizenship student body and the Committee, and be required to plan one social event during their term.

Global Union Representative
The Global Union Representative shall be responsible for attending all Global Union meetings, and submit all Global Union related proposals. It is recommended, but not required, that the Global Union Representative engages in further involvement with the Global Union.

Recruitment Liaison
Plans and coordinates recruitment ideas for the GC recruitment period.

Director of PR and Social Media
Responsible for helping graduate student maintain Facebook and Twitter page. Think of positive ways to promote GC on campus and helps with semester newsletter.