GC House: Visitors

Who can live in the GC House?

The Global Citizenship House is open to all Lehigh Upperclassmen. Prospective members should however have an appreciable interest in internationally-minded activities and experiences.

Global Citizenship Housing

The Global Citizenship House was founded on the idea that the bond formed over the course of the freshman year, and more specifically, the winter intersession trip between members of the cohort was both unique and merited further development. By creating a place to live for those interested, including individuals outside the GC program, the house would act as a catalyst towards building that cordial relationship. Most importantly, the ideals of the Global Citizenship Program, those of responsibility to one’s own actions on a level beyond the local proximity, would be attended to and upheld. Through living together, members of the GC House can easily communicate their ideas and consequently spark meaningful discussion on subjects of importance.

For more information on how to live in the GC House please contact the GC Director, Gisella Gisolo, at gig207@lehigh.edu