GC House

GC House Front View LandscapeThe GC House was first created thanks to a student-led initiative. As an innovative program that provides Lehigh students the opportunity to learn to look at the world with a cosmopolitan lens, the GC Program only lacked one thing: continuity from the academic experience into the residential/social experience. The GC House has provided that continuity with a perfect blend of community and opportunity, and is now a part of the vibrant Live Lehigh! special housing community.

By living in the GC House, students share a homey and cozy building with like-minded students. The house residents like to be immersed in informal conversations on global citizenship themes, host special speakers, show movies and documentaries on challenging global topics, or simply doodle with friends.

Here is how Daniel Ingram, member of Cohort II, describes his experience with the GC House: "Through my experience both in creating and living in the House, I have come to learn that, at Lehigh, it is possible to realize any goal by simply applying oneself to it. When I set out to create the GC House I was met with some skepticism, but went ahead undaunted. This perseverance is a guiding principle of the GC House - members continually work hard towards the ideas in which they believe. As the founding President of the GC House, I was truly inspired to create a living environment where members could engage in stimulating intellectual discussion as well as relax in comfort with friends."