Global Citizenship Faculty

College of Arts & Sciences

Marie-Helene Chabut – Professor, Modern Languages and Literature
Robin Dillon – Associate Professor, Philosophy
Elizabeth Fifer – Professor, English
Lucy Gans – Professor, Art & Architecture
Connie Cook – Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Literature
Laura Gonnerman – Assistant Professor, Psychology
Bruce Hargreaves – Associate Professor, Earth & Environmental Science
Dawn Keetley – Associate Professor, English
Jacqueline Krasas – Director of Women’s Studies & Associate Professor of Sociology
Judy Lasker – Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Kiri Lee – Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literature
Anne Meltzer – Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rajan Menon – Professor, International Relations
Ziad Munson – Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Kathy Olson – Assistant Professor, Journalism and Communication
Brian Pinaire – Assistant Professor, Political Science
Joan Ramage – Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Science
Greg Reihman – Faculty Development Director, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
Tina Richardson – Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology
Gus Ripa – Professor, Theatre
Robert Rozenhal – Assistant Professor, Religion Studies
Dork Sahagian – Professor, Earth and Environmental Science
John Savage – Assistant Professor, History
Jill Sperandio – Assistant Professor, Education and Human Services
Lloyd Steffen – Professor, Religion Studies
Vera Stegmann – Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Literature
Nicola Tannenbaum – Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Anthony Viscardi – Associate Professor, Art and Architecture
Ed Whitley – Assistant Professor, English
Peter Zeitler – Professor, Earth & Environmental Science

College of Business & Economics">Anne Anderson – Assistant Professor, Finance and Law
Paul Brockman - Joseph R. Perella and Amy M. Perella Chair, Finance
Karen Collins – Associate Professor, Accounting
James Maskulka – Associate Professor, Management & Marketing
David Hobson Myers – Professor of Practice, Finance and Law
Ted Schlie – Associate Professor, Management & Marketing

College of Engineering

Glenn Blank – Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
Keith Gardiner – Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kristen Jellison – Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sudhakar Neti – Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
Sibel Pamukcu – Associate Professor, Civil & Environ. Engineering
Rick Weisman – Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering