Faculty Steering Committee

The Global Citizenship Program is run by the Director and the members of the Faculty Steering Committee, who meet monthly to discuss new ideas, and directions, goals, curriculum changes, events, new student selection, partnerships, and petitions. These dedicated faculty members care deeply about the success of GC students and work hard to ensure the program runs smoothly. Each college is represented by a faculty in that college. The committee members rotate every three years.


Current Committee Members


brockman Paul Brockman, College of Business and Economics Representative
Paul Brockman, Ph.D. holds the Joseph R. Perella and Amy M. Perella Chair in Lehigh University's College of Business and Economics. Professor Brockman's research focuses primarily on corporate decision making. He is interested in examining the context (e.g., philosophical, psychological, historical, institutional) in which business decisions are made, implemented, and interpreted by capital markets
singh Deep Singh, College of Arts and Sciences Representative
After studying at Cornell and Tufts, Amardeep Singh received his Ph.D. from Duke University in 2001. Professor Singh's primary interests include World Literature in English (also known as "Postcolonial Literature") and 20th/21st Century British literature. Professor Singh also has an interest in film; he is currently completing a book-length manuscript on the filmmaker Mira Nair. Finally, Singh is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Postcolonial Writing. For Spring 2011, he is the recipient of an NEH Fellowship.
sperandio Jill Sperandio, College of Education Representative
Dr. Sperandio is Assistant Professor of the Educational Leadership Program. Dr. Sperandio's primary research interest is focused on gender issues in educational leadership in both developed and developing countries. She is currently exploring aspects of women’s motivation and journey to become educational leaders, together with their access to leadership training and the role that mentoring plays in this training, in Uganda, Bangladesh and urban school districts in Philadelphia.
weisman Rick Weisman, College of Engineering Representative
Dr. Weisman is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His main interests include surface water hydrology (thermal modeling of lakes, evaporation, rainfall/runoff modeling, storm water management), the stabilization of tidal inlets (dredging, fluidization), and coastal processes (beach stabilization, tidal marsh hydraulics). Dr. Weisman is active in the Lehigh community and leads a winter study abroad trip to Costa Rica and was the faculty-leader for the 2010 Global Citizenship program intersession trip, also to Costa Rica.


Previous Committee Members

hobson Daphne Hobson, College of Education
Dr. Daphne P. Hobson currently serves as the Director of International Programs for the College of Education at Lehigh University. Her research interests focus on international teaching and curriculum development in multicultural settings and on school leadership in the global community.
lule Jack Lule, College of Arts and Sciences, Committee Chair (prior 2013)
Dr. Jack Lule is the Joseph B. McFadden Distinguished Professor of Journalism and the Director of the Globalization and Social Change Initiative at Lehigh University. His research interests include globalization and media, international communication, international news reporting, cultural and critical studies of news, online journalism, and teaching with technology.

Nandu Nayar, College of Engineering - Sudhakar Neti (prior 2009)
Nandu Nayar is the first holder of the Hans J. Bär Chair in International Finance and joined the Faculty of the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University in Fall 2001. He obtained his Ph. D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance in 1988 from the University of Iowa. Prior to his training in finance, Dr. Nayar worked as a civil engineer, a field in which he holds Bachelors (IIT-Kharagpur) and Masters (University of Iowa) degrees. As a civil engineer, he has experience in mathematical and computer modeling, as well as assessment of financial feasibility of engineering projects.


maskula James Maskulka, College of Business and Economics (2009)
James M. Maskulka's teaching interests include: global marketing, European marketing, marketing communications, advertising management and student career advantages derived from directing study abroad experiences for nearly 20 years. His consulting interests include: marketing management, brand management, marketing strategy, and marketing communications with an emphasis on Capstone effectiveness research.
maskula Sudhakar Neti, College of Engineering (prior 2009)
Sudhakar Neti's research interests include laser diagnostic instrumentation for thermal fluids, computational and experimental methods for single and two-phase flow and heat transfer, transport processes in micro channels, non-Newtonian flow and biological systems, power plant performance analysis, concentrated solar power and high temperature heat transfer fluids and thermal energy storage technologies.
savage John Savage, College of Arts and Science (prior 2010)
Professor Savage is a historian of Modern Europe who is especially interested in the way legal systems shape political culture and social relations. He is currently working on a study of the impact of the Napoleonic Code on slavery in the French Caribbean as part of a broader cultural history of the 19th century Civil law.