The Global Citizenship Program spans three years of study. Students will begin the Global Citizenship Program in their first year and complete it during their last year at Lehigh. A typical plan of study includes two to three courses per year. Year one and three also require a travel-abroad component

Class of 2017


Classes of 2015 & 2016

The curriculum requirements for the Global Citizenship Program consist of 23 to 27 credits. 7 of these credits will be awarded during a student's first year, as the Program requires all first-years to take specially designed English courses rather than the standard first-year English 1 and 2, in addition to a 1-credit Practicum that prepares students for their Winter Intersession Trip. Other requirements include a language/communication/study abroad experience, focused seminars and interdisciplinary courses, and the completion of a capstone thesis project. A minimum of two co-curricular activities are required each semester, and can range from internship opportunities to on-campus speaker series to participation in international on-campus events. Apart from fulfilling the program's requirements, Global Citizenship courses may also double-count towards the student's major, minor, or elective courses.

Please note that all of the Global Citizenship courses not only meet the program requirements, but also can count towards the student's major or minor of study. Consultation with an academic advisor is recommended.

Current students can verify their plan of study satisfies all of the requirements of the program by filling out the plan of study form.

For student in Cohort VI and VII, the program requirements can be found here.