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Academic Support Services

We want you to be successful in your academic and social endeavors. Here are some helpful resources for you!

Academic Calendar
As the academic year unfolds, there will be some important dates for you to note – this academic calendar has them all!

Center for Academic Success
Need a little extra help with a class? Not sure you understood the material? Come to the Center for Academic Success to learn about FREE tutoring!

Call 610-758-4154
Located in UC 403

Support for Students with Learning and Other Disabilities
Students with a diagnosed learning disability can come here for support and assistance.

Call 610-758-4152
Located in UC 212

Writing and Math Center
Want a little assistance in your writing, or with your math homework? The Writing and Math Center will help you with papers, prepare for exams and develop better study skills. They also offer research assistance. Stop by today!

Call 610-758-3098
Located in Drown Hall 110

English as a Second Language
Come and see our state of the art technology classrooms and upgraded and expanded ELLC language lab!

Baer International Center
Coxe Hall, 2nd floor

Success Strategy Series
The Success Strategy Series is designed to offer assistance to first-year students on academic probation. As participants in this series, students will learn and discuss (with their peers) skills critical to their academic success. Professional staff members will help students identify academic problem areas, make referrals to appropriate campus support services, and assist them in facing the academic challenges ahead.

Conversations to Have With Your Family

We know there are many issues that you may encounter as new students so we created this list of important topics to discuss with your family. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we thought it would be a helpful one to get started. Remember, talking about expectations now is much better than waiting!

Alcohol: As you know, if you are under 21 it is illegal to drink in the state of Pennsylvania. College is a time to make your own decisions and to live with the consequences of those decisions. The AlcoholEdu course is one tool that will help you make well-informed decisions about alcohol and drinking behaviors. Having a conversation with your parents will also be useful:

Communication: Your family and friends will want to talk with you. The question you need to discuss with everyone is when you are going to talk to them. (Yes, this important because your parents may call us and ask to find you because you haven't returned their calls from yesterday…and this does happen.)

Grades: This might seem like common sense, but it is really important to talk with your family about their expectations of your academic performance – especially if they are paying the bills. Lehigh does NOT send home grades to parents without your permission because of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (we will explain FERPA during Parent/Family Orientation) so you are responsible for discussing your grades with your family.

Money: This is a big one for students…who is supplying the money? For some students, once they head to college they are cut off from the family financial tree while others are still well connected to that pocketbook. Where do you fall? It is better to know this now or when you need some cash?

Roommate Issues: Living with someone that you don't know very well (or someone you do know well) can be an adjustment. Your Gryphon will discuss some very important things for you and your roommate to do, such as the roommate contract. If you are asking, “how does this involve my family” keep reading! If you call home because you are frustrated with your roommate, your family becomes very concerned for you and may want to take action on your behalf. DON'T let them! It is important for you and your roommate to work through any problems that you may have.

Visiting Home: Yes, at some point you will go home. Help prepare for your first trip home by having these discussions:

Involvement Opportunities