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Welcome to Soft Matter & Biophotonics Laboratory Lehigh University

H. Daniel Ou-Yang (Professor of Physics)

Dr. Ou-Yang received B.S. and M.S. in physics in 1975 and 1977 from Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. He did graduate study at UCLA and received Ph.D. in physics in 1985. He joined the Physics Department of the University of Pennsylvania and Exxon Corporate Research Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow during the period 1985–88. He joined Lehigh University as an assistant professor of physics in 1988, was promoted to the ranks of associate professor in 1994, and full professor in 2000. During the period of June 1999 to May 2000, on sabbatical from Lehigh University, Dr. Ou-Yang worked as a visiting research scientist at the CNRS Laboratory for Dynamics of Complex Fluids in Strasbourg, France. On his second sabbatical leave in the first half of 2008, he spent two months each at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan University and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, all in the physics department. Currently, Dr. Ou-Yang is Director of Lehigh’s Emulsion Polymers and Engineered Particles Institute (EPI). A Group Leader of the Biophotonics of the Lehigh-Penn State University Center for Optical Technologies.


Research Interests

Dr. Ou-Yang conducts research in experimental soft condensed matter physics that spans the topics of polymers, colloids and cellular biophysics. His research activities include the studies of ultrasound induced reorientation of gold nanodisks, polymer adsorption at colloidal surfaces, complexation of cyclodextrin with hydrophobic molecules in aqueous environment, structure and interactions of colloidal particles, active microrheology of polymer solutions and gels, quantitative study of electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis; in vitro cytoskeleton networks and biological cells at subcellular levels.

To conduct experimental research, his laboratory develops novel capabilities of oscillatory optical tweezers and optical bottles and combines optical manipulation capabilities with advanced optical fluorescence imaging and spectroscopic techniques for understanding the interactions and dynamics of colloidal particles and biological materials at nano-meter scale. More details >

Laboratory Location

The laboratory is located on the first (Room 120, 122, and 124) and fifth (Room 516) floors in the Lewis Laboratory and Room 203 of the Fairchild Center for Solid State Studies (Physics Department, Sherman Fairchild Center, Building 16, Lehigh University) (see Campus Map.pdf). Dr. Ou-Yang’s office is located in the same building in Room 206 of the Fairchild Center for Solid State Studies. The direction to the laboratory can be found on the Google Map.

Contact me

Tel: +1-610-758-3920 (Office)
       +1-610-758-6596 (Lab) (Room 120)
       +1-610-758-3949 (Lab) (Room 122)
       +1-610-758-5720 (Lab) (Room 124)
Fax: +1-610-758-5730
16 Memorial Drive, East, Bethlehem PA 18015, USA. Tel: +1-610-758-3920, Fax: +1-610-758-5730
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