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Instructions for Transfer Students - How to Apply for Financial Aid
  • Complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Financial Aid PROFILE application. You can register for this service and complete the form electronically at Lehigh’s code is: 2365
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To complete this form, go online to Lehigh’s code is: 003289
  • Complete a Lehigh University Financial Aid Application
  • Submit your federal tax returns (both parents’ and student’s) for tax year 2012, directly to the Office of Financial Aid. Also, be certain to attach all schedules filed with the IRS as well as a copy of all W-2s. Families who file an extension with the IRS should submit a copy of their extension request & W2 statements to be followed by the completed form when available. A non-filer's form may be used if no return will be filed.
  • Be aware that additional forms may be required for special circumstances such as separation/divorce or self-employment.
  • Be sure to carefully review the application checklist noted throughout the current student area of the website to determine if any supplemental applications are required for state grants or scholarships.
Important Notes:
  • Applicants who submit applications after the filing deadline are at risk of not being funded.
  • Renewal of financial aid is subject to on-time applications, continued demonstrated financial need, and Sarifactory academic progress (passing and completing no fewer than 12 new credits per semester with a GPA of at least a 2.0 per semester and cumulatively). If special circumstances contributed to poor academic performance, you may petition the Financial Aid Committee. Summer school attendance may also help improve academic standing.
  • Be sure to retain a copy of all financial aid application materials and award letters.
  • Applications are considered incomplete until all required materials are received.
  • The anticipated mailing date for bills from the Bursar’s Office for the 2013 fall term is July 15th with a due date of August 1st.
  • Payment plan information is sent by the Bursar in June, with payments beginning July 1st. We are unable to provide aid information prior to these deadlines. You may estimate similar aid eligibility if there have been no significant changes to your situation (number in college, income increase, etc.)