Renewal Requirements

Renewal Policy: It is necessary to reapply for financial aid for each year of study. Returning students must file the CSS PROFILE as well as the Renewal FAFSA by April 15 every year. The filing deadline for all forms, including copies of both parents' and student's most recent federal tax returns, is April 15. Your application will not be reviewed until the FAFSA, PROFILE, Lehigh application and the federal income tax forms are received and complete. Late applicants risk not being aided due to lack of fund availability. Renewal of aid is limited to four years, for a four year program. Extensions beyond that time period require petitions to the Committee on Undergraduate Financial Aid. To petition for financial aid during your fifth year,complete the “Petition for Review of Financial Aid Eligibility” form located in the Applications & Forms section of our website. Petitions will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for review until all steps have been completed and received in the Financial Aid Office.


Refund/ Withdrawal

Withdrawal/Refund Policy: An undergraduate student in good standing who formally withdraws or reduces his or her course enrollment below twelve credit hours before 60% of the semester has been completed during the fall and spring semesters will be eligible for a tuition refund. The tuition refund for a student who withdraws or drops a course(s) is calculated on a daily basis. The date used to calculate refunds is based on when a properly authorized withdrawal or drop/add is received by the Registrar's Office. Students receiving financial aid that drop below full time status must have their financial aid package re-evaluated by the Office of Financial Aid prior to the issuance of any refund check. The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for determining the appropriate redistribution of charges and refunds when students receive any financial assistance. These decisions are made on the basis of federal, state and institutional policies. Any refunds due to the Title IV programs will be refunded in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan; Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan; Federal Perkins Loans; Federal PLUS Loan; Federal Pell Grant; Federal SEOG; Any other Title IV program.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

All students receiving financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress.  Satisfactory academic progress for Federal Financial Aid Eligibility differs from the academic progress policy for institutional aid.  To maintain eligibility for Federal aid, students are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress based on both qualitative (cumulative GPA) and quantitative standards (pace of progression).  Students must achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of a 1.70 after their freshman year (earning between 0 and 22 credits) and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all other grade levels (23 credits and above).  Per Federal Guidelines, students have a maximum of 12 semesters of Federal Aid to complete their graduate requirements (aggregate loan limits apply as well).  Students must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of their attempted coursework.

In order to maintain eligibility for Institutional financial aid, students must 1.) Earn 12 new credits each semester, 2.) Earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 for each semester, and 3.) Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.  Eligibility for institutional aid at Lehigh University is limited to 8 consecutive semesters (unless you are enrolled in a bona-fide 5-year program such as IBE or Art Engineering).  NOTE: Institutional aid is provided to assist students in obtaining a bachelor’s degree.  Additional aid will not be available to students who choose to enhance their bachelor’s degree with additional credentials (ie. second major/minors) and are unable to do so during the 8 consecutive semesters.

For both Federal and Institutional aid purposes, academic progress will be checked annually, at the end of each payment period, unless a student is on Financial Aid Probation, in which case SAP will be checked at the end of each semester. 

Students' Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to know:

  • the cost of attendance;
  • the refund policy for students who withdraw;
  • the financial assistance available from federal, state and institutional sources;
  • procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for financial aid;
  • how financial aid recipients are selected;
  • how eligibility was determined, including all resources the aid office considered available to the student;
  • how and when funds will be disbursed;
  • an explanation of each type of award received;
  • for any student loan received: the interest rate, total amount to be repaid, when repayment begins, the length of the repayment period, and the cancellation or deferment provisions of the loan;
  • for any Federal Work-Study or university-funded job: a description of the job, the hours to be worked, the rate of pay, and how and when the student will be paid;
  • the criteria used to determine satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes; and how to appeal a decision by the Office of Financial Aid concerning any aid award.

It is the student's responsibility to:

  • read directions thoroughly, complete all application forms accurately, and to comply with any deadlines;
  • provide any supplemental information or documentation required by the Office of Financial Aid or other agency if applicable;
  • read, understand, and keep copies of any forms the student is required to sign;
  • repay any student loans received;
  • attend an entrance interview and an exit interview if federal, state or university loans are received while in attendance at Lehigh;
  • notify the Office of Financial Aid of any change in enrollment status or financial status (including any scholarships or grants received from outside sources); changes of address and enrollment status must also be reported to lender(s) for any loan(s);
  • satisfactorily perform the work agreed upon in a Federal Work-Study or university-funded work program; and
  • know and comply with all requirements for continuation of financial aid, including satisfactory academic progress requirements.
External Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Adjustment Policy: The majority of our financial aid packages are based on financial need and therefore, require us to monitor aid from all sources. Receipt of an outside award will first reduce any unmet need, then reduce grant and self-help equally. Students receiving need based aid in combination with a merit or athletic scholarship award have their need met with grant assistance. In these cases, a dollar for dollar reduction, to the need based grant, is necessary.

Appeal Process

Appeal/Petition Process: Students not maintaining satisfactory progress, as defined by Lehigh or the appropriate governmental agency, may be ineligible for financial aid. Appeals, based on extenuating circumstances, may be submitted to the Committee on Undergraduate Financial Aid. Petition forms and instructions are available on the Application & Forms section of our website.

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