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Recycling at Lehigh University 

Lehigh University is committed to preserving natural resources and recognizes the role that recycling serves in reducing the consumption of virgin resources. The university recycles approximately 25% of its total waste stream, diverting over 400 tons of material from incineration annually. The more we recycle, the more we save money and contribute to a sustainable environment. You can do your part by understanding which materials are recyclable and how and where to recycle them.  


What is single-stream recycling? 

A single-stream recycling system is the collection of recyclable materials with no sorting required by individuals. Cans and bottles can be mixed together with paper and glass. The success of this system depends on individuals only placing recyclable items in the blue recycling bins and making sure that the items are empty and free of food residue. 


Where does the recycling go?

Custodial and grounds maintenance staff will empty all containers for transport to recycling compactors.  SWS (http://www.landfillfree.com/) will transport the recycled material to ReCommunity Recycling (http://www.recommunity.com/).


Learn more about Lehigh's recycling program: 

Download a copy of our recycling poster.

Find out what can and cannot be recycled at Lehigh. 

View our Recycling at Lehigh presentation.

The Dirty Dozen: twelve items you should not recycle.


Where to recycle:

Office and education buildings: each building handles its waste and recycling differently. Please look for designated bins and recycling areas in your building. 

Residence Halls and Greek houses: blue recycling bins can be found in each trash closet in residence halls or outside the hall by the garbage toters. 

Outdoor receptacles: black recycling bins labeled with "recycling" can be found throughout Lehigh's campus.  


Continued support for recycling will increase our waste diversion efforts and improve Lehigh's ecological footprint. If you would like additional information, you may contact an Office of Sustainability staff at recycle@lehigh.edu 


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