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Facilities Services & Campus Planning

Auman, Charlotte Work Order Central 610.758.3940 caa2@lehigh.edu
Benko, Steve Assistant Director, Utilities and Mountaintop Maintenance 610.758.5378 ssb2@lehigh.edu
Benner, Rebecca Assistant Director, Projects 610.758.4732 rsa207@lehigh.edu
Benner, Richard Associate Director, Goodman Campus, Grounds and Waste/Recycling 610.758.4535 rjb3@lehigh.edu
Bramblet, Elizabeth Secretary/Clerical 610.758.3970 ehb2@lehigh.edu
Brice, Karen Locksmith, Access Control 610.758.4756 kabd@lehigh.edu
Brown, Mary Jo Facilities Space Data Manager 610.758.5027 mjbg@lehigh.edu
Bugaighis, Yasmin Associate Director, Campus Planning &  Projects 610.758.4733 ymb2@lehigh.edu
Callanan, Vince Lead Maintenance Tech 610.758.3766 vpc2@lehigh.edu
Capuano, John Drafting Assistant 610.758.3656 joc207@lehigh.edu
Cavanaugh, Joe Locksmith, Access Control 610.758.4756 jjc309@lehigh.edu
Colon, Fred Maintenance Manager 610.758.5108 wic2@lehigh.edu
Coronel, Jorge Inventory Control 610.758.4417 joc3@lehigh.edu
Falasca, Gary Director, Facilities Services 610.758.3972 gf02@lehigh.edu
Hartner, Joe Assistant Director, Building Maintenance Residence Halls/Fraternities/Packer Campus 610.758.5313 jmh512@lehigh.edu
Hendel, Dave Assistant Director, HVAC 610.758.6181 dahc@lehigh.edu
Hosak, Jeff Assistant Director, Projects 610.758.3998 jeh307@lehigh.edu
Jones, Conrad Assistant Director, Projects 610.758.5110 hcj2@lehigh.edu
Kasten, Dave Assistant Director, Building Maintenance Packer Campus 610.758.3654 dwk3@lehigh.edu
Klaniecki, Katie Sustainability Program Manager 610.758.6392 kak612@lehigh.edu
Knowles, Don Business Manager 610.758.3975 djk5@lehigh.edu
Ledger, Dave Assistant Director, Projects 610.758.4648 dal6@lehigh.edu
Liston, Erin Project Manager 610.758.4086 erl314@lehigh.edu
Nahman, Delicia Sustainability Officer 610.758.3976 den210@lehigh.edu
Oblick, Mike Supervisor Life Safety 610.758.6173 mio5@lehigh.edu
Parker, Julia University Architect, Director Campus Planning and Projects 610.758.4191 jkp313@lehigh.edu
Pasda, Don Associate Director, Building Maintenance Packer and Mountaintop Campus 610.758.5198 djp207@lehigh.edu
Rendle, John Locksmith, Access Control 610.758.4756 jwr5@lehigh.edu
Schlegel, Steve Assistant Director, Projects 610.758.5196 ss0n@lehigh.edu
Seymour, Jeff Manager, Access Control 610.758.6500 jes412@lehigh.edu
Snyder, Brad Lead Maintenance Tech 610.758.4965 bls3@lehigh.edu
Szczepanski, Donna Work Order Central 610.758.3941 dms3@lehigh.edu
Szczepanski, Rose Secretary/Clerical 610.758.6175 rhs3@lehigh.edu
Trzesniowski, Mike Associate Director, Utilities and Engineering 610.758.3974 mat3@lehigh.edu
Williamson, Karen Mapping Support Specialist 610.758.2785 ksw213@lehigh.edu


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