A Break for Breakthroughs: MHTA's new webinar series on innovation

May 21, 2014
12:00 pm – 1:00pm


May’s MHTA innovation webinar known as A Break for Breakthroughs will focus on advances in smart grid energy. Smart grid deals with the technology people use to deliver electricity in the 21st century and often involves computer-based remote controls and automation. In a very basic sense, utility companies no longer need to send workers out to gather usage data because of the advanced nature of the utility grid. The rapid pace of developments leads to greater energy efficiency.

A Break for Breakthroughs is a monthly web/live event co-produced by innovosource and MHTA on emerging technologies that will affect a cross-section of MHTA membership. Experts and start-ups from leading research institutions will showcase advancements in each technology area during this hour-long workshop. The event will detail current thinking into updating the energy grid structure and new localized solutions to larger energy needs.

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Martha Dodge – Professor of Practice and Director of Energy Systems Engineering Institute at Lehigh University
Larry Snyder - Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh University

A Break for Breakthroughs is designed to help MHTA members quickly scan new breakthroughs and find ways to integrate the discoveries into their own innovation process. MHTA and innovosource jointly produce the webinar which features world-class scientists from the country’s leading research universities and labs.

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