Lehigh's ESEI organizes faculty-student-practitioner research teams to tackle challenging topics facing the utility industry. ESEI sponsors students to conduct research of interest to the energy industry under the guidance of faculty members and industry advisors.

The capstone projects for students of Lehigh's Professional Master's in Energy Systems Engineering are coordinated through ESEI's Strategic Advisory Council, comprised of industry representatives and Lehigh faculty members. The following list describes some of the student research projects recently conducted by ESEI project teams:

Power Generation

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant Operations Cost Modeling Project
  • Cost Estimates for Retrofit of Once Through Cooling Systems to Closed-Cycle Cooling Systems for Power Plants
  • Biomass Cofiring and Its Effect on the Combustion Process
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling
  • Passive Anaerobic Digestion System: Backend Integration and Sustainability Implications
  • Anaerobic Digestion for the Production of Biogas
  • Thermal Integration of Compressors in Post-Combustion Carbon Capture and Storage
  • The Future of U.S. Nuclear Power Generation
  • Comparison of Renewable Energy in Germany and Pennsylvania

Power Transmission and Distribution

  • Travel Resort Project
  • Smart Grid Data Collection
  • Aluminum gallium nitride Field-Effect Transistor with Normally Off Operations
  • Achieving the Renewable Portfolio Standard in the Mid-Atlantic States
  • Fiber-based Communications

Energy and Environment

  • Analysis of Chemical Treatment in Heterogeneous Soils
  • Evaluating high performance analytical equipment to determine the most cost effective way for fate and transport clean up technology
  • Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Generation Facilities
  • Methodsto Reduce the Bioaccessibiltiy of Arsenic in Soils; Interactions of Arsenic-contaminated Fill Material at Substations
  • Water Demands and Availability for Power Generation: Assessing Water Sustainability Options
  • Remediation of PCBs by use of Engineered Natural Systems Technology
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