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University Research Support

Energy Research Center (ERC)
The ERC is a multidisciplinary research group involving professional staff, faculty, and students. As the focal point for energy related research at Lehigh, the Center manages the University's energy research program and serves as the main energy research contact between the University, industry and government. The Center was founded in 1973 to provide solutions to the Nation's energy problems. The faculty and staff of the Center participate in many aspects of energy research, with major emphasis on research dealing with energy conversion, power generation and environmental control. The Center's projects cover the spectrum from fundamental engineering and science issues to applied research topics. Research within the Center is supported by contracts and grants from government and industry. The Center has particularly close ties with industry, with a significant number of joint research projects involving Lehigh faculty, staff and students and staff from private industry. The Center also operates the Energy Liaison Program, which provides consultation and problem-solving assistance to participating companies.

STEPS is a new initiative that will strengthen Lehigh's commitment to collaboration, innovation and scholarship in the areas of science, technology, environment, policy and society. STEPS will build a community of top scholars dedicated to solving some of the most complex challenges facing our natural world. By integrating disciplines from across the university, Lehigh will engage undergraduate and graduate students in learning and research opportunities that truly represent the depth and breadth of the knowledge needed to confront our rapidly changing world.

Environmental Initiative
The Environmental Initiative supports a variety of research projects across all four colleges of Lehigh University. Centered around the Earth and Environmental Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering departments, EI-affiliated faculty, students and staff conduct research in areas as varied as communications, earth science, economics, policy, and geoenvironmental engineering. The Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO) serves to provide a crucial link between scientific and societal research on the environment. Students participate in internships in which they are exposed to environmental fieldwork and data collection, then link the scientific data with societal and political effects. LEO maintains a database of collected environmental data which is used across Lehigh University and beyond to illustrate and understand environmental processes.