The following lists the technical elective choices available to students of Lehigh's M. Eng in energy systems engineering. Please note that further information about each course is available via the Lehigh University Course Catalog.

Technical Elective List:

Chemical Engineering

CHE 331 Separation Processes
CHE 350 Energy: Issues and Technology
CHE 373 Fundamentals of Air Pollution
CHE 400 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 410 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE 413 Heterogeneous Catalysis and Surface Characterization
CHE 415 Transport Processes
CHE 433 State Space Control
CHE 434 Multivariable Process Control
CHE 436 Systems Identification
Check with department for CHE 350/450 courses - Special Topics

Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEE 404 (Mech 404) Mechanics & Behavior of Structural Members
CEE 405 Analytical and Numerical Methods
CEE 406 Structural Reliability of Components and Systems
CEE 409 Finite Element Method in Structural Mechanics
CEE 412 Methodologies of Structural Design
CEE 414 Analysis and Design of Steel and Composite Structural Members
CEE 431 Life-Cycle of Structural Systems (3)
CEE 452 Fatigue and Fracture of Structures - An Interdisciplinary View (3)
CEE 471 Environmental Risk Assessnebt (3)
CEE 475 Advanced Topics in Environmental Engineering (1-3)

Computer Science & Engineering

CSE 404 Computer Networks
CSE 443 Network Security

Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 308 Physics of Models of Electronic Devices
ECE 343 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 361 Intro to VLSI Circuits
ECE 401 Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE 402 Advanced Electromagnetic Theory
ECE 404 Computer Networks
ECE 411 Information Theory
ECE 420 Advanced Circuits & Systems
ECE 441 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications
ECE 450 Communication and Network for Smart Grids
ECE 450 Electrical Energy Systems
ECE 450 Power Electronics
ECE 450 Smart Grids Communications
ECE 451 Power Electronics
ECE 464 Introduction to Cryptography and Network Security
ECE 483 Advnaced Semiconductor Devices for VLSI Circuits
Check with department for ECE 350/450 courses - Special Topics

Industrial & Systems Engineering

IE 339 Stochastic Models and Application
IE 358 Game Theory
IE 382 Leadership Development
IE 404 Simulation
IE 409 Time Series Analysis
IE 419 Planning and Scheduling
IE 426 Optimization Models and Applications
IE 447 Financial Optimization
IE 458 Topics in Game Theory
IE 460 Engineering Project

Materials Science & Engineering

MAT 314 Metal Forming Processes
MAT 315 Physical Properties of Structural and Electronic Ceramics
MAT 344 Metal Machining Analysis
MAT 346 Physical Metallurgy of Welding
MAT 348 Materials Science for Electronic Applications
MAT 393 Physical Polymer Science
MAT 403 Structure and Properties of Materials
MAT 455 Materials for Nanotechnology
Check with department for MAT 409 course - Current Topics in Materials

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

ME 322 Gas Dynamics
ME 360 Nuclear Reactor Engineering
ME 362 Nuclear Fusion and Radiation
ME 364 Renewable Energy
ME 366 Clean Coal Technology
ME 376 Energy: Issues and Technology
ME 402 Advanced Manufacturing Science
ME 413 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
ME 420 Advanced Thermodynamics
ME 423 Heat and Mass Transfer
ME 424 Unsteady and Turbulent Flow
ME 426 Radiative and Conductive Heat Transfer
ME 430 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ME 431 Advanced Gas Dynamics
ME 444 Experimental Stress Analysis in Design
ME 446 Mechanical Reliability
ME 452 Mathematical Methods in Engineering I
ME 453 Mathematical Methods in Engineering II

MECH 404 Mechanics & Behaviors of Structural Members
MECH 406 Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics
MECH 413 Fracture Mechanics


CHM 312 Fundamentals of Corrosion
CHM 342 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CHM 441 Chemical Kinetics
CHM 443 Solid State Chemistry

Earth & Environmental Science

EES 306 Geological Records of Environmental Change
EES 334 Geosphere Structure and Evolution
EES 358 Microbrial Ecology
EES 402 Environmental Scientific Foundation for Policy Design
EES 407 Seismology
EES 415 Paleoclimatology
EES 426 Tectonic Processes
EES 427 Organic Belts
EES 457 Advanced Remote Sensing of the Environment
EES 459 Reconstructing Environmental Change


ECO 311 Environmental Economics
ECO 314 Energy Economics
ECO 454 Economics of Environmental Management
ECO 456 Industrial Organization
ECO 480 Economics of Technological Change
Check with department for ECO 492 courses - Special Topics

Environmental Studies

ES 328 U.S. Politics and the Environment
ES 339 Global Security and the Environment
ES 402 Scientific Foundations for Environmental Policy Design
ES 433 International Environmental Law & Policy
ES 438 Environmental Risks: Perception & Communication
ES 496 (POLS 496) Global Energy Policy & Politics 

International Relations

IR 333 International Environmental Law and Policy
IR 339 Global Security and the Environment
IR 340 International Environmental and Science Policy
IR 344 International Politics of Oil


PHY 348 Plasma Physics
PHY 362 Atomic and Molecular Structure
PHY 363 Physics of Solids
PHY 364 Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
PHY 420 Mechanics
PHY 421 Electricity & Magnetism I
PHY 422 Electricity & Magnetism II
Check with department for PHY 472 courses - Special Topics

Political Science

POLS 355 Environmental Justice and the Law
POLS 416 American Environmental Policy
POLS 475 Seminar: Green Polity
POLS 496 (ES 496) Global Energy Policy & Politics
Check with department for POLS 481/482 Courses - Special Topics