Enterprise Systems Center Fellows, Mentors, Staff, Consultants

Prof. Emory Zimmers, Director of the Enterprise Systems Center, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr. Emory W. Zimmers, Jr., Enterprise Systems Center Director

Dr. Zimmers works extensively with companies to identify critical new areas for research and provide experiential learning opportunities for students. He served as Site Director of the National Science Foundation’s Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) at Lehigh University (2005-2010). He supervises the senior capstone course, which is a requirement for students graduating with a BS in either Industrial Engineering or Information and Systems Engineering. He also headed the team that created the leadership development course, which was a finalist in the Institute of Industrial Engineers’ Innovations in the Curriculum award competition in 2009. He has served as principal investigator on more than 200 research and technology transfer projects with more than 400 industry partners. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Professor Zimmers has responsibility for the efforts to create an innovative curriculum, in partnership with the SAS Institute, to prepare students to become successful practitioners in the Analytics areas. He is also working with a team to finalize the creation of the Enterprise Systems Center Analytics Laboratory. When fully operational, this will be combined with the capabilities which are already in place to facilitate technology enabled small group team meetings with industry partners and class sized connectivity with industry through the ESC Collaboratory. He coauthored a book with Prof. Mikell Groover titled, “CAD/CAM: Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing”. He was awarded the Robinson Award, Lehigh University, for outstanding service to the university community. He was also awarded the 2011 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. This recognized his commitment to innovative teaching and helping his students to practice critical thinking, to develop analytical skills, and to become effective practitioners through experiential learning.

H. Robert “Gus” Gustafson

H. R. Gustafson

Gus is the Senior Fellow for Leadership Development at the Enterprise Systems Center (ESC). He is currently serving as both an Adjunct Professor and managing director of the ESC at Lehigh University. He earned a BS in ChemE from Lehigh University and an MS in Dynamics of Organization from the University of Pennsylvania. He co-teaches the Industrial and Systems Engineering department’s “Leadership Development” and “Senior Project” courses to undergraduate students and created the course “Executing the Business Plan”, which he teaches in the MBA VENTURESeries entrepreneurial concentration. Gustafson also co-created the interdisciplinary Innovation and Leadership Residency program and is an advisor to the National Society for Leadership and Success at Lehigh University. He is currently developing ESC initiatives for improving U.S. sustainable manufacturing and global manufacturing leadership. Gustafson worked ten years for Proctor & Gamble and PepsiCo as a plant manager and then twenty years as an entrepreneur, founding and leading companies involved in U.S. housing exporting, software development and contract manufacturing. His software company won the 2000 Ben Franklin Technology Partners Incubator Gratitude of the year award. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Gustafson has mentored over a hundred students as interns in the various companies that he founded and/or managed. He is President of the Lehigh Class of 1974.

Thomas Brinker

Tom Brinker

A Senior Fellow at Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center (ESC) in Bethlehem, PA. At the Lehigh ESC, Tom leads the Analytics Lab operational efforts and mentors student teams in supply chain and analytical projects for various companies. He earned a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University. Tom had a 32-year career at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., holding various managerial positions in the Global IT organization. He retired in 2011 as Director, Enterprise & Analytical Solutions, leading the Decision Sciences, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Value and Transportation Management Program groups. His areas of emphasis are operations research, analytics, supply chain modeling, logistics, and IT applications development. Prior to Air Products, he worked at the Quaker Oats Company as a plant Industrial Engineer and as a Market Research Analyst with Finance America, a subsidiary of Bank of America. During his career, Tom was an active member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the INFORMS Roundtable, the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), the Council of Logistics Management (CLM), and the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS). In 2005, Tom’s Decision Sciences group at Air Products was awarded the prestigious INFORMS Prize, awarded for effective integration of operations research/management sciences (OR/MS) in an organization. The award is given to an organization that has repeatedly applied the principles of OR/MS in pioneering, varied, novel, and lasting ways. Tom has presented at a number of professional conferences and is published in the Winter Simulation Conference Journal.

Dan Mulholland

Dan Mulholland

A Senior Fellow at the Enterprise Systems Center, Mr. Mulholland has 38 years of business experience - in sales, marketing, operations, administration, executive management and consulting. As president of Mallinckrodt Baker Inc. (currently Avantor Performance Materials) from 1992 to 2001, he achieved a compounded annual growth rate of 25% in company. Dan has substantial executive experience gained at Mallinckrodt Baker and through work with parent companies - Richardson Vicks, Procter and Gamble, Mallinckrodt, and Tyco International. He led two divestiture processes in the 1990s and a successful integration of the J.T.Baker and Mallinckrodt Specialty Chemicals businesses in 1995–96. Dan was a member of The Laboratory Products Association from 1984 to 2001 and served twice on its Board of Directors. This background makes him especially effective in helping students understand how to couple core strategies and visions of an enterprise with the analytical tools necessary to achieve success. His mentoring in the areas of leadership and communication skill development is effective and complementary to intensive traditional classroom instruction.

Stephen Senkowski

Stephen Senkowski

A Senior Fellow at the Enterprise Systems Center, he is the retired President of Armstrong World Industries and is a previous chair of the ISE Department’s industry-led advisory council. He helps support capstone projects, independent-study projects, and leadership development initiatives.

Sekar Sundararajan

Sekar Sundararajan

A Senior Fellow at Lehigh University and President and founder of Libra Consulting, a management consulting firm known for its work in agile manufacturing, operations excellence, global supply chain, sourcing and sustainability. He has been a leader and change agent across multiple industries. At the Enterprise Systems Center, Sekar has been in charge of major sustainable manufacturing initiatives with companies such as Kraft Foods and Boston Beer to create a model for the future by integrating sustainability into operations to reduce carbon footprint and improve operating costs. He has also been instrumental in developing and implementing strategies to streamline global supply chains for a variety of consumer goods, retail, healthcare and government organizations. He continues to advise organizations to leverage sourcing and marketing options in China and India, select
suppliers and partners, negotiate prices and establish long term relationships. Sekar was Executive Vice President of Operations at Hooker Furniture. He helped transform their business model from a domestic manufacturing company to a global sourcing and marketing company. During his tenure, he reduced operating costs by 27% and increased gross margins by 10%. He was the executive champion for all lean process improvement efforts, yielding productivity gains of 22% and inventory reduction of 30%. He has extensive international experience (China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines) building strong supplier relationships and establishing local sourcing and supply chain organizations. He collaborated with retailers such as Costco and Crate and Barrel in developing innovative global supply chains (direct from Asia to home delivery). Prior to that, Sekar was General Manager of Pulaski Furniture. He was responsible for creating and integrating global supply chain management, quality management and new product development systems. Sekar served in the 1990s as an Industry Partner with the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University and helped to research and publish the white paper “U.S. Competitive Manufacturing Strategy for the 21st Century”. He was awarded the “Chairman’s Award” at Whirlpool for his role on the team that created a quick response, state-of-the-art plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma,. He led the implementation of agile manufacturing practices in several organizations such as Ford, General Motors, Kraft Foods and PennDOT to increase throughput and collaboration across functional and geographic boundaries. This background makes him well suited to mentor our students in the conceptualization of high level organizational mission, understanding of global perspectives, as well as in the implementing of tactical operations research tools.

Roger N. Nagel

Roger Nagel

The Wagner Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, and a Senior Fellow in the Enterprise Systems Center at Lehigh University. He is also the former CEO and Executive Director of the Iacocca Institute. Dr. Nagel is a popular consultant, keynote speaker and guest at executive gatherings and board meetings. He is routinely asked to describe the future of manufacturing, global competition, and the information age. Business Week, Forbes, and Fortune magazine have cited him for his visionary efforts as the father of the virtual corporation concept. Professor Nagel was also the leader of the team which developed the original ideas and concepts for agile manufacturing and global agility strategies. He is co-author of the widely influential business books, “Agile Competitors and Virtual Organizations: Strategies for Enriching the Customer” and “Cooperate to Compete: Building Agile Business Relationships.” Both books are widely acclaimed internationally and are available in more than five languages. Nagel is well known and respected for his work as the visionary leader of the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh. He led the Institute team which produced the book, “21st Century Manufacturing Enterprise Strategy,” with more than thirty thousand copies in circulation. He guided the Institute as it became a gathering place for executives across the world to formulate and share ideas. Nagel conceived and created the Iacocca Institute’s Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry Program and signed cooperative agreements with partnering institutes in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He led the Institute in developing and enhancing the Iacocca Scholars program, bringing executives to campus for seminars, workshops, and in creating the “Crossroad of Knowledge” Program. Nagel has always focused on making a real and positive impact on students through the use of a hands on experienced-based learning.

Joseph D. Feskanin

Joe Feskanin

A Senior Fellow at ESC, Joseph D. Feskanin has over forty years of progressive management and technical experience focused on Total Quality Management, facilities engineering, design and development of computerized measurement and control systems, automated material-handling systems, and biomedical electronics applications.  He has also been involved in high-volume manufacturing in the electronics, textile, and steel industries.  He has directed start-up operations, interfaced with OSHA and DEP, implemented systems-integration and process-control techniques, and initiated energy-utilization programs, all focused on establishing and improving profitability.

In addition, he has served as an industry mentor between 1990 and 2013 and is currently associated with Libra Consulting. Working with the Enterprise Systems Center he has served as a mentor to Lehigh University students in the Senior Project Capstone Course. He was a member of the Leadership Development Team and most recently has focused on power reduction methods to reduce costs in energy consistent with financial reporting. Previously, as an Engineering Manager at two industrial manufacturing operations, he mentored two to fifteen students who were assigned projects in the plants and were guided and reviewed weekly with regard to progress on the projects.  Final reports were presented in formal video-conferences.

He had been involved as a curriculum advisor/adjunct, serving on an advisory board for twelve years at Lehigh County Community College to develop the Electronic Technology Program.  He also taught solid-state electronics and microcomputer courses.

In addition, he has also taught technology courses at Northampton Community College to electricians and maintenance personnel to upgrade skills in technical and supervisory-level positions.

Joe has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University and did graduate work at the University of Connecticut and Western New England College.

Doug Sunday

Doug Sunday

Doug Sunday is a Mentor for the Lehigh University Enterprise Systems Center. He worked at Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., and APD Cryogenics, Inc. for fifteen years as a plant industrial engineer, an engineering manager and a manufacturing manager. He led process improvement programs, applied statistical process controls, implemented lean/JIT systems and consolidated facilities. Doug worked as the manufacturing manager for the introduction of new products, developing and qualifying new processes and quality assurance techniques that reduced costs over 60%. Doug managed over 100 projects at the Enterprise Systems Center, mentoring over 500 students in a variety of manufacturing companies. He is an expert in using applied statistical and process mapping techniques to highlight major process control and streamlining opportunities, leading to double-digit percentage savings in most cases. Doug's current project work ranges from the application of basic industrial engineering techniques to simulation modeling and energy reduction. He has served as an instructor for project management classes. Doug holds a BS in Psychology and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.


Charalambos A. Marangos, PhD

Charalambos Marangos

Dr. Marangos serves as a Senior Fellow at the Enterprise Systems Center at Lehigh University having taught SAS, simulation, and CAD courses at Lehigh University. He has recently served as the Associate Director of the NSF funded Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) at Lehigh. Currently a Principal in the Pennsylvania-based consultancy Zephyros, Inc., he has worked internationally as a project engineer and consultant, specializing in heuristic optimization, scheduling, simulation, database design and maintenance, factory layouts, testing and validation of new software and machines, CAD/CAM, and internet communications. One of his active projects is to work with Dr. Zimmers in the modification of a current sophomore course. The new content includes a case study based on an ESC current company project that utilizes SAS analytics and requires the creation of presentation graphics and a formal industry reviewed presentation. Dr. Marangos serves as adjunct professor in the PC Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. It is anticipated that he may serve as content developer for some new course offerings under the SAS/ESC Advanced Analytics Laboratory development program.


Joseph R. Molinari

Joseph Molinari

Joe Molinari has over 30 years of business experience in sales, marketing, real estate development, process management and training. At Air Products and Chemicals, Joe achieved annual sales growth over 10% in the key markets he managed. He has established and integrated alternative channels (inside sales, e commerce) for b2b customers which reduced support costs by $3 million. As Global Process Manager, Joe created and deployed a process management infrastructure which improved productivity by $1 million, reduced cost to comply with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) by 50% and implemented an SAP based Enterprise Customer Complaint process resulting in a 5% absolute improvement in customer loyalty metric.

Most recently, Joe built a training organization for newly established global shared service centers. Key deliverables included 20 curriculums covering both transaction and soft skill training for 1,100 employees which improved employee time to competency by 30% and improved employee retention by 20%. Joe pioneered the use of blended learning within the organization which reduced training costs by 25%.

Joe is the founder of Joseph R. Molinari and Associates which provides training and project management services, a Consultant in the Lehigh University Enterprise Systems Center and an Adjunct Professor at several colleges including Lehigh University. At the Lehigh Enterprise Systems Center, he assists with new business development and is a mentor/project manager for sales/marketing and Order to Cash process related projects.

Joe holds a Chemistry degree from Rutgers College and an MBA from Drexel University. He completed Executive Education courses at both Duke University Fuqua School of Business and Kellogg School of Management.

Joe served as a Board member and past president of the, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and raised $600,000 to purchase and rehab a building for the organization. He served as a board member for the Big Brothers Lehigh Valley from 1985-1990 and was Lehigh Valley Big Brother of the Year.

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