Industry Expertise

This page provides examples of typical projects completed in the various industry sectors. References may be provided for each category:

Consumer Products and Food Industries

Created algorithms to drive a decision support tool for scheduling truck receipts that resulted in increased unloading capacity of multiple trucks per day with the same labor.

Built simulation models production lines in state-of-art food processing facility start-up
Updated warehouse labor incentive structure for national food distributor.

Performed analytics driven analysis of consumer product company safety and quality practices.

Energy & Environment

Three of the top food companies in the world designated their Lehigh Valley facilities as the corporate pilots for manufacturing sustainability. This was based in part on their partnerships with the Lehigh University ESC.

Over two million dollars of savings opportunities were identified in a one-million square foot food manufacturing facility through an overall baseline assessment and simulation of operations for manufacturing sustainability.

$100,000/year in electricity savings requiring no capital investment was discovered in a new LEED Gold certified factory using a systems approach to an energy audit.

A carbon footprint template is being created for a 200 plant international bakery company.
Created analytical model and decision support tools for evaluating both solar and wind energy investments.

Engineered Products & Project Businesses

A family-owned tool and die company used ESC as their virtual engineering and marketing department. This resulted in increased sales through on-shoring of re-engineered parts and new international sales through development of a web site analytics driven approach.

A Pennsylvania farm equipment manufacturer is becoming the only USA manufacturer of certain farm equipment with engineering suggestions from ESC. This also provides great competitive advantage by reducing lead time from six-months to two and adding an exchange rate hedge.

Improved efficiencies and yields in a high-tech pipe extrusion factory using a factory production line simulation model.


Streamlined outpatient admission process through process mapping and application of analytics technologies.

Identified factors for improving patient satisfaction in physician practice and linked to financial performance through a systems approach that integrated surveys, interviews, process mapping, and analytics.

Designed automated scheduling system that enabled scale-up required for health network expansion of complex courier operation including modeling and simulation of alternative routing strategies.

Process Industries

Increased corporate profitability by over one million dollars through analysis and simulation leading to engineering the elimination of bottlenecks to a large chemical process.
Designed a simulation model for optimizing location of hydrogen refueling stations in support of a hydrogen fueled car transition.

Reduced water usage in major chemical process by three billion gallons through analytics and systems engineering analysis.

In three months, improved space utilization in large injection molding facility sufficiently to allow investment in new process capability that saved jobs.


IRB approved research studies were performed to determine impact of applying technological innovation for improved healthcare.

Line efficiency improvements were gained using simulation and modeling for a pharmaceutical contract packaging company.

ISO certification was achieved for a pharmaceutical industry supplier through ESC engineering support.

Public Sector

A major city reduced time required to issue business license permits from a 45-day average to same day issuance using information flow analysis and analytics techniques.
Saved PA government more than $10 million/year by creating a system for agile collaboration among state and local municipality authorities.

Technology & Software

Researched and authored a white paper in support of network outsourcing and cloud computing.

Designed and produced a test-bed circuit to demonstrate the performance of a new printed circuit clock synchronization technology that provides a quantum improvement in both energy efficiency and processing speed.

Collaborated on the design of a robotic wheel chair that enables paraplegic patients to drive unassisted.

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