Lehigh University

Lehigh’s Core Purpose: our fundamental reason for being

To contribute to society by the creation and dissemination of knowledge through our
graduates and the knowledge we create.

In fulfilling our core purpose, we seek to:

  • develop leaders and inspire innovators through shared learning and life
    experiences, personal and intellectual development combined
  • promote student success
  • for students: prepare them to engage in a world community, be good and
    productive citizens and instill value of high standards
  • for faculty: hold high expectations for quality of scholarship and creative work
  • for staff: expect high quality in everything we do
  • for alumni: be a lifelong resource and home to our graduates

Lehigh’s Core Values: essential and enduring tenets—a small set of timeless guiding principles that require no external justification; they have intrinsic value and importance to us inside Lehigh.

  • integrity and honesty
  • equitable community
  • academic freedom
  • intellectual curiosity
  • collaboration
  • commitment to excellence
  • leadership


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