Bylaws Employee Relations Advisory Committee
Amended 08/22/07

The Employee Relations Advisory Committee (ERAC) is strongly committed to a proactive stance in advising the President, through the Vice President for Finance and Administration, on matters of policy and programs pertaining to employee relations. Areas of primary concern include the following: communication, problem solving mechanisms (resources), compensation (salary and benefits), working conditions, staff recognition and development.

The Committee consists of seventeen voting members: nine members elected from the nonexempt staff, and eight representatives elected from the exempt staff. The Associate Vice President for Human Resources will serve as the ex-officio member. In addition, for the purpose of providing continuity, the outgoing Chairperson, will also serve as a nonvoting, ex-officio member for one year following his/her term as Chairperson.
To be eligible for election to the committee, employees must be nominated and have completed one year's service at the university.
If an elected member leaves the employ of the university or resigns their committee membership, a standby candidate selected during the previous election process shall fill the seat. If no standby candidate is available, the seat shall remain vacant until the next election. If an elected member transfers from one employee group to another, he/she will retain their seat on the committee until the next election.
Members will generally serve three-year staggered and nonconsecutive terms, except as noted below under Terms of Office.
The committee will determine all questions of membership eligibility.

Representatives will generally be elected to serve three-year staggered and non-consecutive terms. The staggered term rule shall mean that each year at least three non- exempt positions and at least two exempt positions will be open for election each year.

The committee shall choose from its elected members a vice chairperson and a secretary to serve on an annual basis. The vice chairperson will be selected from among the returning (second-year) members of the committee.  The vice chair will serve also as ?chairperson elect? and will become the chair in the third year of his/her term. If a vice chair is unable to serve as chair, a new chair will be selected by the members.  Selection of officers will normally be made during the scheduled meeting in June. Officers who are not carrying out their responsibilities properly may be removed from office by a quorum vote of the committee.

The committee shall determine its own meeting schedule. Normally, the committee meets monthly from September to June. Meetings may be called by the chairperson, written request of three elected members, or at the request of the vice president. The committee shall determine whether it shall meet during the months of July and August.

All actions of the committee are by simple majority vote of those elected members present. The committee may act at all times unless challenged by an elected member that a quorum is not present. In such a case, a quorum shall be defined as 51% of the total elected membership.

The chair and vice chair shall act as account executives of ERAC's budget for the duration of their term. The vice chair will monitor and maintain the budget. The chair will be responsible for notifying the Controller's Office of any changes pertaining to the ERAC budget, including change of account executives and/or authorized signers.

The committee, or subcommittee thereof, will conduct an election each spring to fill vacant seats and expiring terms for exempt and nonexempt staff. The university faculty will select the faculty representatives in accordance with its own rules and regulations.
From January through April of each year, the committee will electronically announce, through the University News Bulletin, a nomination process that is open to all exempt and nonexempt staff.   Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.  Nominators can nominate persons outside their employee group.  Individuals nominated and willing to serve will have their names placed on the electronic ballot of their respective employee group. New members will be announced and introduced at the annual Staff Faculty Appreciation Dinner.
Elections will be by written, secret ballot or via secure electronic ballot. The electorate will electronically vote for nominees in their respective employee groups and may vote for as many individuals as there are announced openings.
The committee will determine all questions of nominee eligibility, election process and balloting.

Amended 1/8/2013


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