University Charge

The Employee Relations Advisory Committee (ERAC) is strongly committed to a proactive stance in advising the President, through the Vice President for Finance and Administration, on matters of policy and programs pertaining to employee relations. Areas of primary concern include the following:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving Mechanisms (Resources)
  • Compensation (Salary and Benefits)
  • Working Conditions
  • Staff Recognition and Development

Lehigh's Core Values

ERAC By-laws


The Committee consists of seventeen voting members:

  • Nine members elected from the nonexempt staff
  • Eight representatives elected from the exempt staff

The Associate Vice President for Human Resources will serve as the ex-officio member. In addition, for the purpose of providing continuity, the outgoing Chairperson, will also serve as a nonvoting, ex-officio member for one year following his/her term as Chairperson.

To be eligible for election to the committee, employees must be nominated and have completed one year's service at the university.

If an elected member leaves the employment of the university or resigns their committee membership, a standby candidate selected during the previous election process shall fill the seat. If no standby candidate is available, the seat shall remain vacant until the next election. If an elected member transfers from one employee group to another, he/she will retain their seat on the committee until the next election.

Members will generally serve three-year staggered and nonconsecutive terms.

The committee will determine all questions of membership eligibility.

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