2014 Board Nominee Information


Clara Buie

A staff issue that I would like to see ERAC take on is diversity training. I would like to see workshops, seminars and/or training sessions that address the issues of our current campus climate and how we can contribute to helping our students, staff and faculty members.

I understand there have been some training through Human Resources for new employees, but I feel that everyone should take part in these training sessions and more importantly that they be conducted by trained associates in the field of diversity.

We should be able to have difficult or uncomfortable conversations with each other so that when working with students we are better versed in how to address their needs. I also feel that diversity should not only encompass students and/or staff of color, but also international students whose needs need to be met as well.

As a member of the ERAC committee, I would like to work with helping staff and faculty not only acknowledge and embrace the differences in our ever growing Lehigh community, but also provide the resources to help faculty and staff embrace change.

Lisa Collins

This year, I was a member of both REACH (an ERAC group) and Learning the Institution. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting staff members from many different departments on campus. As staff members, we have a common goal: to do the best job that we can and to make all processes run smoothly, every day. My goal as a member of ERAC is to contribute to the positive changes that ERAC hopes to make on the campus. I know that ERAC is going through
a re-branding period and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of that process.

Nicole Corali

I am honored to be nominated for a spot on the ERAC committee. I have been a member of the Lehigh community for nearly two decades and have a strong sense of pride and commitment to this University. To that end, it is important to me that everything possible can be done to instill those same feelings in every single person that comes in contact with our campus, whether they are visiting for a day or have worked here for most of their career. Lehigh is special and I would love to hear other employees perspectives, both positive and negative, so we can work together to continue making sure that Lehigh remains special, continuously improves, and provides that sense of community that extends beyond just a “job,” so that Lehigh is a home for all.

Kathleen Dugan

My name is Kathleen Dugan. I have been at Lehigh in LTS for 15 years. Before that I was an elementary school teacher . I would love to represent you on ERAC. I feel that each person at Lehigh has value—no group is more important than another. Each person contributes to what makes Lehigh great, so each person should have their needs met equally and consistently. As a member of ERAC, I would make it my mission to see that Lehigh continues to be a wonderful place to work and that any issues big or small that need attention would be considered fairly and the outcome would be balanced in a way that benefits everyone.Thanks for your consideration.

Alicia Herzog

The power of networking has been evident to me throughout my time at Lehigh. In order to capitalize on the talented faculty and staff I know work throughout our university, I would like ERAC to continue to offer great programs that promote networking and increase communication among different departments on campus. If elected, I would work to expand the current programming slate to offer more resources for employees to familiarize themselves with the tools to network among departments. My goal would be to allow employees to strengthen their network across campus in order to not just gain information, but to work better and more cohesively within the university.

Katrina Kraft

I've worked at Lehigh for seven years. I began in the Office of International Affairs and I am currently with the Center for Advanced Material and Nanotechnology and Materials Science. I am passionate about our working environment, personal relations among faculty and staff, and the university as a whole. 

If chosen, I'm prepared to contribute to ERAC's mission by serving on the Health and Wellness committee and the Transportation and Parking committee. I have experience in both health and wellness as I previously worked for Rodale Inc., and was a part of several health initiatives within my group. I would be able to directly translate what I learned into Lehigh’s committee. In particular, I would propose to expand upon our Employee Health and Wellness Expo. As a frequent user of our Transportation Services, I can identify areas that can be improved upon.

Lisa Moughan

I would like to see ERAC recommend and promote a Workforce Succession Planning Program that aligns staff with Lehigh’s longterm goals and objectives.  Implementing this process would be helpful when identifying future opportunities in departments, and the skills and knowledge required in preparing for those new positions.  I possess excellent listening, interpersonal communication, and problem solving skills. I'm highly effective in team environments, including project management and building working relationships.  I believe collaboration with University stakeholders will allow ERAC to develop a strategic succession plan and cultivate Lehigh’s staff to meet the future needs of University and their personal career goals.

Angela Nicole Scott

As Director of the Academic Diversity and Outreach, I continually work with colleagues and students to improve institutional culture, build trust amongst and between members of the Lehigh community, and create a rewarding cycle of personal contribution and appreciation for the University. Being on Lehigh's campus for nearly two (2) years, I am committed to working to support the institution's mission and goals while helping to advance the interests of colleagues across the campus. With my professional experience, my dedication to higher education, and my enthusiasm for contributing to a positive and productive environment, I look forward to working with everyone.

Randy Shebby

I am frequently involved in issues with staff and faculty and have know quite a few people on campus having worked here for sixteen years. Though I understand the rules and guidelines of the work environment I also have the ability to think outside the box when needed. I believe I have a clear understanding as to what is fair and reasonable as well as what is required.

Jen Topp

As a relatively new staff member here at Lehigh, I have observed that one of the areas that has room for improvement at Lehigh (and, frankly, at every college campus!) is communication. I would like to look for ways for us to collaborate with each other across campus in order to stretch our budget dollars and work smarter, not harder by sharing our skills and expertise. 


Ashley Baker

I feel that I can contribute to ERAC's mission because I believe that open communication is extremely important for maintaining a successful working environment. It is necessary for employees to feel comfortable voicing their ideas, opinions, and concerns with supervisors and coworkers, while also being mindful of the ideas of others. As a member of ERAC, I would like create opportunities for individuals to expand their communication skills, whether it be through workshops, networking opportunities, or open forums. I am excited about the opportunity to discuss and develop methods of improving the communication process at Lehigh University, while also building and enhancing my own relationship with members of the University community.

Erica Balco

I am friendly, detail oriented and organized which makes me believe I would be an asset to ERAC.  I have only worked at Lehigh for a little more than a year and believe serving on ERAC would provide opportunities to learn more about Lehigh and its many facets

Coley Burke

If elected I believe that I can contribute to the ERAC's mission by providing excellent problem solving and management skills. I am very results orientated and believe that Lehigh staff members are some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated professionals I have worked with.

Danika Clevenstine

I plan to work towards ERAC’s mission statement by being an approachable figure for the employees of Lehigh University with any problems or concerns they have. I also have an open mind for any suggestions from others on how we can make our workplace the best that we can.

JoAnne DeSalvatore

First of all, thank you very much for nominating me for ERAC. I began working at Lehigh in 2007 after spending quite a bit of time in the corporate world. In my current position, I work with faculty, staff, undergraduates, and graduate students, so I have honed my collaboration, communication, and problem solving skills. Because of this experience, I often have the chance to help new colleagues solve their problems. I enjoy being a resource to my department and the university and I hope to be able to be the same for ERAC and the Lehigh community. Thank you again for your nomination and consideration.

Mel Kitchen

The issue I would like to see ERAC take on is the one on one representation/advocacy for staff members who may become victims to a crime while working at Lehigh University. None of us want to think that a crime could occur while at work, however if it did, employees should know that ERAC stands with them as a support. In these instances when staff report a crime and are called to testify whether to the University or in County Court having an ERAC member stand by their side so that they are not alone, to me represents the utmost fulfillment of ERAC's mission.  Good communication skills along with a deep sense of empathy for others will help me to pursue this subject of ERAC establishing employee advocates.

Morgan Nelson

I want to contribute to ERAC's mission by including more of the campus community in our efforts through a rebranding strategy. Many Lehigh employees are unsure of exactly what ERAC does and that they can also be involved in the many exciting initiatives that ERAC is undertaking. Many Lehigh colleagues do not realize the extent to which ERAC is tirelessly working on advocating for staff. As an elected member of ERAC, I will bring their goals and mission to the campus community utilizing social media. This will allow ERAC to reach more staff members; it’s easy to delete an email, but if something is always on your twitter feed, it’s hard to miss!

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