2013 Board Nominee Information


Michelle Boehm

I've been at the university for 6 years now. I don't have an additional degree, but I'd like to think I know a thing or two about getting things done. I hope that I can bring a fresh perspective, one that is respectful of our traditions but that will also push Lehigh to continue to be a leader and relevant to our students, faculty and staff in an equitable and sustainable way by utilizing my breadth of experience in communication design.

Robert Bruneio

Thank you for your nomination for an open position in the ERAC committee. To provide a little background and what I feel that I can contribute to ERAC. I have been at Lehigh since June of 1986. I was hired as a police officer and worked my way up to the position of Lieutenant. During my time at the LU Police Department, I worked in many aspects of the department, made many contacts and worked with many different offices, groups and people. Currently, I am the Manager of Transportation Services. This was a newly created position and after 26 years in public safety, I embrace this new challenge.

Based on my many years of service, my knowledge of university affairs and my many contacts, I feel that I would be a great resource. I have seen many changes here at the university and have also made many friends along the way. It would be my honor to serve our community on this wonderful team.

Stephanie DeLuca

There was nothing more exciting than my first Lehigh-Lafayette football game as a Lehigh undergraduate student. The energy at Goodman was incredible and the support of alumni ten, twenty, and fifty years out was amazing. There was nothing more exciting than the moment the light bulb went off in my first Journalism class at Lehigh. I was positive nothing would beat the moment I was surrounded by my closest friends as President Gast congratulated and addressed us as Lehigh University’s class of 2011. I didn’t think anything could beat the excitement of getting my first job or the sense of accomplishment after my first promotion. I was on cloud nine when I read my graduate school acceptance letter. I didn’t think anything would top meeting the love of my life during a psychology lecture, but then Dr. Madeline Albright answered one of my questions on peacekeeping in Syria and my entire collegiate career was made.

Perspective is important. It’s how we judge things, see the world, and make decisions. My best years and best moments have been here at Lehigh. The decisions we make or don’t make today affect our students, faculty, staff, and alumni fifty years down the road. My perspective as a student, alumna, and staff member provide me with a dynamic and unique view of Lehigh. I have been and continue to be committed to all involved and affiliated with Lehigh University, including the south side community. At this moment in time, nothing gets me more excited than collaboration and commitment to creating a better environment at the place I’ve come to call home.

Amanda Fabrizio

Lehigh has been a wonderful experience for me since I started working here in December 2008. A huge part of this experience has not only been growing professionally and as a person, but becoming an active member in the Lehigh community. The opportunity to be on ERAC would be another great opportunity to be active in our community.

I plan the events for the Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department, and as a new member I will bring more energy, new ideas for events and volunteer opportunities to the group. I feel being a member of this committee will be a wonderful experience, as well as the chance to work with other great staff members to make our community stronger.

Thank you for your consideration and I’m looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Lauren Furrer

I feel I can contribute a unique perspective to ERAC, as someone that has worked in the corporate world the past, but has been successfully working in the academic world for almost 3 years now. Also, my passion for, and background in, communications and marketing would no doubt be helpful in ERAC's first area of concern: "Communication." I would also like to be part of the committee in order to have a chance to represent my fellow staff and faculty at Lehigh in important decisions.

Kelly Grim

I have worked at Lehigh for almost eight full years and would certainly do my very best to not only represent the employees in my area, DOS/student affairs, but also Lehigh employees in general -- including both those who are new to Lehigh and those who have been here for many years. I feel that as an individual I can contribute the following characteristics or qualities: an attention to detail, strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, and the ability to see and understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints. Additionally, I am introspective, compassionate, responsible and have a strong work ethic. I believe very strongly that a workplace ought to in some way inspire and reward its workers, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve my fellow employees on this committee.

Sarah Knechel

I am excited to join ERAC because I want to make Lehigh a better place to work for all employees. From social events, to awards, to advocacy groups, the members of ERAC want to improve the overall employee climate and I hope to contribute my energy and time to the same cause.

The community of employees at Lehigh is one of our greatest strengths. Ensuring that the needs of those people are addressed proactively and mindfully will only help us grow as an institution. I would like to find creative ways to compensate and recognize the many different types of employees, from new to near retirement, exempt or non.

After participating in ERAC-sponsored events, I am impressed at the variety and quality of programs and the scope of the projects taken on by the committee. But, I think there is always more that can be done to educate our staff on what's available, while also hearing their needs and researching and supporting new options for them when appropriate. This is why I hope to join- to be a strong voice on behalf of our staff and to ensure that Lehigh remains a welcoming and supportive work environment.

Travis Spencer

I have been at Lehigh for seven years working in the Athletics Department and during that time I have had the opportunity to build relationships with numerous departments on campus from Alumni, Development, Police, Transportation, Student Aux Services, and others. Taking that experience in working with so many of these great people, I am confident that I can provide a valuable perspective to different questions and concerns during our committee meetings. If needed, I am confident that I can approach these areas to ask particular questions, knowing that our philosophy is to continually improve Lehigh as a whole.

The other area that I can be beneficial to ERAC is event planning. I focused on planning athletics alumni and sport program events from 2005-2010 and I currently manage the external activity on Goodman Campus for the Athletics Department. I believe that this experience can be valuable when the committee is looking to present an event on or off campus.

Jessica Weaver

As an employee of Lehigh University and an alumni, I feel that I can contribute a "different" perspective to ERAC. I have had the opportunity to experience Lehigh as a student and as an employee and this has provided me with an understanding of the culture of the university that is not afforded to everyone.

Additionally, I have also had the opportunity to interact with individuals from all across campus and will be able to bring different opinions and ideas to the committee.

Katie Welsh Radande

As a member of the Lehigh staff since 2004, I welcome the opportunity to serve on ERAC and to take an active role in assisting with employee relation policy and programming. I'm particularly interested in programming highlighting staff achievements on a frequent/regular basis as well as programming that brings staff together in a face to face environment for the purpose of getting to know eachother and interacting on a more regular basis (not just via email!). I try to get out and actually SEE people on campus as much as possible, and believe there is a strong value in personal interaction amongst staff. During my time at Lehigh, I have worked to build relationships with both academic and student services offices across campus.

I believe that employee satisfaction is important to our day to day work, and ERAC is a forum that can assist in improving employee satisfaction and retention. I look forward to taking a hands on approach to helping our Lehigh community continue to improve our campus environment and work place experience.

Daniel Zeroka

I'm happy to accept the nomination to the ERAC. I've been at Lehigh for roughly 20 years and in that time have worked with many other Lehigh employees, both within and outside of the Civil Engineering Department. During this time I believe that I've developed a sense for the things that my co-workers think about in relation to their jobs, and am at a point in my own time here that I can act as a representative for the thoughts and ideas of my co-workers.


Lynn Chermansky

I appreciate the consideration for nominee to serve on ERAC. I would embrace this opportunity to deepen my relationship even further with Lehigh by exposure to this committee and their processes. The nature of my job allows me to be in contact with various persons and departments all over the campus. I administer the Workers' Compensation program and gain knowledge daily on various work environments which uniquely qualifies me. I would like the opportunity to serve as an advocate for fellow employees and the University by sharing some risk management/best practices knowledge that I have learned within the training and day-to-day functions of my current position. I am not an expert by any means, but have learned valuable information as a result of my experiences, and would be happy to share with others. As a recipient of this commitment, I would reap the reward of greater awareness in what's going on with Lehigh; this would help me to better perform my job and serve the Lehigh community.

Cindy Moser

It is my pleasure to be nominated to ERAC. As a member of ERAC I will share my talents for collaboration and relationship building across campus and with all levels of staff. I ask a lot of questions in hopes of helping understand and brainstorm to improve situations. Recently I volunteered as part of a group who revised an administrative reference manual and created an accompanying website. http://www.lehigh.edu/reference/ Just understanding acronyms or the difference between colleges can be daunting for someone filling in or new to Lehigh and there are many areas throughout the university that have no reference manuals for coordinators/administration support. This reference will be a great help in providing the go to and help employees in their commitment to excellence in their daily work.

Thanks to the Lehigh tuition benefit, I graduate in May with my BS in Business Administration. I cannot think of a better way to put my thanks into action and apply my knowledge of Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources to benefit the university community. I am currently a student member in the Society of Human Resource Management and have been learning new teamwork and workplace trends which I will also share with ERAC.

Thanks again for the nomination and your consideration!

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