Graduate Student Standard Forms

Find below forms and information for Lehigh Engineering graduate students. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact the graduate coordinator for your department and/or the College's manager of graduate programs.

Answers to many common questions can be found in the College's Graduate Student Handbook (pdf).

  • Petition form
    This form is required whenever a student needs special permission to change status, register after deadlines, withdraw from classes, request a leave of absence, make a change in dissertation committee, etc., in a situation not covered by standard University policy.

  • Full-time certification form
    A student must be registered for 9 credits to be considered full-time. Students registered for less than 9 credits (i.e. students in Maintenance of Candidacy or completing degree requirements) must complete and submit this form to stay in full-time status. Please note: Full-time certification cannot be retroactive. If you do not complete this form at the time of registration, you are in danger of losing full-time status.

  • Transfer graduate credits
    This document provides instructions to transfer graduate credits to Lehigh.

  • Add/drop form
    This form is required for students who wish to add or drop classes after the fifth day of class in any given semester.

  • Admission to doctoral program
    Students who have recently completed a master's degree and wish to join a doctoral program must use this form to gain approval from their faculty graduate program coordinator as well as the dean of graduate studies and research.

  • Application to candidacy
    This form is to be completed after the student defends their research proposal in order to be admitted to doctoral candidacy. Deadline to submit completed forms to Graduate Associate Dean's office is two weeks prior to the start of a given semester.

  • General exam (Ph.D. Students only)
    This form must be signed by all faculty members on a student's examination committee. General exam must be passed at leased 7 months prior to graduation.

    Graduate registration
    This form must be completed by students who have not registered for any courses during the specified online registration periods.

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