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Disabilities Support Services

Committee Members

Cheryl Ashcroft, Chair, Assistant Dean of Students, caa4@lehigh.edu

Mary Kay Baker, Director of Conference and Special Housing Services, mkb1@lehigh.edu

Audra Berner, Director, Internet Services, alg2@lehigh.edu

Heather Hosfeld, Associate General Counsel, heh204@lehigh.edu

Mark Ironside, Executive Director of Business Services, mri205@lehigh.edu

Margaret Kane, Sr. Instructional Technologist, LTS Client Services, make@lehigh.edu

Stacey Kimmel-Smith, Team Leader, Student/General Services, sek2@lehigh.edu

Susan Lantz, Associate Dean of Students, sel3@lehigh.edu

Katherine Lavinder, Associate Dean of Students, kwl211@lehigh.edu

Linda Mery, Assistant Administrative Director, Provost Office, lam5@lehigh.edu

Julie Oltman, Manager of Athletics, jml2@lehigh.edu

Julia Parker, University Architect and Director, Campus Planning and Projects, jkp313@lehigh.edu

Greg Reihman, Faculty Development Director, LTS Client Services, grr3@lehigh.edu

Frank Roth, General Counsel, far4@lehigh.edu

Deborah White, Associate Director of Admissions, dw05@lehigh.edu

Judy Zavalydriga, Director, Employee Relations and Workplace Learning & Performance, Human Resources, jaz308@lehigh.edu

Kai Landskron, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, (Ex-Officio), kal205@lehigh.edu

Subcommittee for Technology and Accessibility Members

Stacey Kimmel-Smith, Chair, Team Leader, Student/General Services (610)758-4768

Cheryl Ashcroft, Assistant Dean of Students (610)758-4152

Tina Hertel, Help Desk; Web Support Librarian (610)758-3072

Jean Johnson, Team Leader, COE/Education Librarian (610)758-4889

Gail Kriebel, Team Leader, Library Lending Services (610)758-3028

Lisa Reubeck, Program Coordinator for Students with Disabilities (610)758-4152

Jacob Ruttle, Web Support Specialist (610)758-3061

Sherri Yerk-Zwickl, Team Leader, Learning Technology (610)758-4009