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Voter Registration Information

In conjunction with Constitution and Citizenship Day, the following information has been gathered to educate individuals about voter registration. Please follow the links below to learn more about how you can exercise your right to vote. 

New Voter ID Law

Information about how to register to vote as a college student can be obtained here.

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The right to vote is fundamental in a democratic society. Lehigh University strives to be a politically aware and civically engaged community, and one expression of those values can be exercising your right to vote.

We would like to make it easy for you to register to vote in Pennsylvania, or obtain an absentee ballot in your home state. As a college student you may be eligible to vote in Pennsylvania even if you are classified as being "out of state" based on your permanent home address. As a Lehigh University student, you are eligible to register to vote in either Pennsylvania or your home state, but not both.

The website, VOTESPA is an excellent web resource where you can find information about voting as a college student including registration, the new voter I.D. law, and absentee ballots. By visiting this website, you can download the voter registration form to complete and mail in time to be registered for voting in the November general election. Also, once you've registered to vote, you can consult the VOTESPA website to determine the location of the local polling site where voting will occur. Your polling location will be based on the address you registered with and all Lehigh on- and off-campus addresses have polling locations that are within walking distance of Lehigh's campus if you are register with your Bethlehem address.

There is a new voter I.D. law in Pennsylvania, but the very good news is that your Lehigh student I.D. card can be used as your proof of identification in the voting process since it has your photo on it along with an expiration date.

I encourage you to register and exercise your right to vote.

Thank you,
Sharon K. Basso
Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students

To obtain information on where Lehigh students can vote if registered in Northampton County or the Commonwealth of PA, click HERE

Information about voting as a college student can be obtained HERE