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Steven Tremblay

Steven Tremblay's photo

Tremblay’s decision has been reaffirmed on a daily basis.

“I would describe my experience at Lehigh as fulfilling in every way,” he says. “I’ve learned so much in my studies of math, and my writing skills have improved since deciding to minor in English. 

“Most important has been my growth socially,” he adds.” The friends I’ve made here are friends I will keep for the rest of my life.”

Tremblay identifies his fellow first-year residence hall friends as a major influence in his successful transition to college life.

“We all immediately bonded and helped each other,” he says. “By the time Thanksgiving came, I felt as close to these people as to my friends back at home. My freshmen hall Gryphons were also instrumental in bringing my hall together through activities and helping us bond.”

Tremblay also immediately through himself into a whirlwind of activities beyond the classroom and residence hall, which helped to deepen his appreciation for the Lehigh experience.

He is heavily involved as a tutor through the Center for Academic Success. He also takes private drum lessons through the music department and performs with the Lehigh University Percussion Ensemble.

He strongly recommends that new students avail themselves of the opportunities Lehigh offers for personal growth.”

“I’d also tell first-year students to focus on enjoying their time at Lehigh,” he says. “The best memories I’ve had here weren’t involved with studying late into the night and acing a test, although I’ve spent many nights doing just that. My favorite moments at Lehigh were spent with friends doing nothing more than hanging out. It’s really important to balance school with social activities.”

When Tremblay’s time at Lehigh comes to an end with his graduation in May, 2010, he can either pursue a job offer as an actuary with an insurance company, or consider devoting a year to service.

“Right now,” he says, “I’m exploring options in Americorp or a teach abroad program. We’ll see what happens.”