Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

Fraternity Renovation Policy

Fraternity Renovation Guidelines

Fraternity Bedroom Flooring/Bedroom Walls
The offices of Facilities Services and Residential Services have conducted facility audits of each fraternity during the fall semester. If it has been determined that the current bedroom flooring in a fraternity is in need of replacement, tile flooring will be installed in that fraternityÕs bedrooms. Fraternity House leadership and their alumni leaders will be notified during the spring 2005 semester as to whether bedroom flooring needs and will be replaced. All bedroom walls will be patched and repaired as needed.

The approach and procedures adopted for improving the physical plant of each house are based upon the principle that the university works to ensure that housing for all Greek chapters be up to acceptable standards. Our goal is to sustain - in partnership with Greek actives and alumni - safe, clean and well-maintained chapter houses. Doing so will give actives, along with their alumni, the opportunity to focus on key issues of primary importance to their chapters ø recruitment, brother/sisterhood, leadership, scholarship and community service.

These changes will ensure that Greek houses maintain the unique qualities that separate them from residence halls. Therefore, we present the following painting procedure which will enable us to manage our housing system while still providing each house the ability to remain unique.

In an effort to establish a baseline in each fraternity house as summer renovations begin, we are working together with the leadership of each fraternity (e.g. actives, alumni house corporations, etc.) to supply the following information:

These procedures will ensure that all fraternity bedrooms will be returned to a satisfactory condition prior to fall arrival each year. It also provides a compromise between the university and the students as these new procedures give fraternity men the ability to paint their room a different color, while ensuring that at the end of the studentÕs tenure that the room will be satisfactorily painted back to the standard color.

Senior Week 2005
This year, fraternities will close effective May 13, 2005 until August 24, 2005 to allow for work to commence on the houses. We need everyoneÕs help in closing by this date because we will undertake the agreed upon renovations for every house at Lehigh during the summer. This extra time will allow contractors to begin work in all of the houses as soon as possible and will permit them the crucial time necessary to complete this enormous undertaking by the start of the academic year. All Greek men who are graduating seniors and eligible to participate in Commencement will be provided housing during this yearÕs Senior Week in a designated residence hall location. Please contact Residential Services for further details.