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Type of Event (check all that apply) Community Service
Indirect Service/Support

The number of members (from your chapter) participating by the number of hours each member worked. Please only submit the hours taking place during the actual event. For example:

15 new members x 2 hours each = 30 hours
63 active members x 1 hours each = 63 hours
Total hours completed = 93 hours

Number of new members participating:
x hours each served: =

Number of active members participating:
x hours each served: =

Chapter's total hours completed: hours
Money Raised (Philanthropy) Total amount of money donated to charity: $
(Please only include money that your chapter raised and is donating directly to a charitable organization, not money donated to other groups philanthropies.)

Total amount of money donated to other groups: $
(Any money donated to another chapter's philanthropy should be reported here.)
Indirect Service/Support
If your chapter has collected items on the behalf of a charity, please designate what these items are below:

Please list the number of Bags/Boxes/lbs. of items you collected:
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