Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

Fraternity Furniture Procedures

Fraternity Furniture Procedures

In an effort to abide by the Strengthening Greek Life Task Force recommendations that the university provide bedroom furniture to all fraternities, provide the residents of our fraternity houses as much flexibility as possible, and also recognize that over the years fraternity residents have developed a unique and personalized lifestyle, the Office of Residential Services shall implement the following:

Desks, Dressers, Wardrobes
The university will provide a desk, a desk chair, a dresser, and a wardrobe to every fraternity bedroom where there is no built-in furniture. Rooms that currently have built-in dressers and wardrobes have been evaluated by Facilities Services staff, in consultation with an expert carpenter, to assess current conditions. Those built-in units that cannot be restored will be replaced. All furniture repairs and new furniture installation will be completed by the start of the fall 2005 semester.

Bedroom Window Coverings
The university will install room darkening mini-blinds in all fraternity bedrooms as window coverings. These mini-blinds will become part of the inventory for each bedroom.


Capacity Review/Room Set-Ups
Capacity reviews of each fraternity and sorority have been evaluated and each fraternity and sorority has been informed as to what their new capacity for fall 2005 will be. All bedrooms will be provided with the appropriate amount of furniture per the capacity of the bedroom.