Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

Greek Life Diversity and Inclusiveness Education Initiative


The Lehigh University fraternity and sorority community is one of rich identities, diverse backgrounds, and numerous talents, all of which enhance our community culture.  However, part of bringing so many different people together is the charge of helping those individuals develop the knowledge, skills, and awareness to learn from and understand one another while also working together to achieve common goals.  Given the ever-changing demographic of the Lehigh University student population and the fraternity and sorority community, consisting up more than 40% of this population, it is imperative that the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs take the lead in working with chapters represented on campus to ensure they are cultivating an accepting and inclusive atmosphere for everyone at the University.

History of Lehigh’s Inclusivity and Diversity Initiatives

In 2004, the Strengthening Greek Life Initiative proposed a number of action steps in order to work towards the advancement of a more diverse fraternity and sorority community, to develop and implement opportunities for chapters and councils to understand and appreciate differences, and to foster a more inclusive environment by seeking opportunities for programming partnership and education. From this stemmed the following results, among others:

Furthering the Vision

In 2008 and 2009, the initiatives of Inclusivity and Diversity were readdressed with the following completed action steps:

Student Resources, Optional Involvement and Educational Opportunities:

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