Special Events Planning

  • All Senate recognized student groups are required to have prior approval authorization through the Student Accounts/Activities Office.  In order to verify approval of the event a Club or Organization must first complete an Event Planning Form through The Hub.
  • If you are planning to hold your event in the University Center, Lamberton Great Room, or in an Outdoor Asa Packer Campus location you must submit a request using the Campus Reservations system. Visit our Reservations page for more information.  The Reservation staff reserves the right to limit the spaces that can be used when an event ends after midnight. 
  • All food must be ordered through the Dining Services office at 610-758-4512.
  • All requests must be made as far in advance as possible. The  Event Planning Form must be submitted via The Hub to at least two weeks prior to the event.  Please allow enough time for the entire process to take place, generally three to four weeks.
  • Security for all events must be arranged through the Lehigh University Police Department.  In addition, Late Duty Building Staff security may be required based on the time or date of the event.  The sponsoring organization will be responsible for all of the charges associated with the event.
  • The sponsoring organization will be responsible for checking ID’s at the door(s).  Please make sure that you have adequate staff in place based on the expected attendance.  No one under the age of 18 may be permitted without a valid college ID.
  • Advertising for the event cannot be done until all approvals and confirmations have been obtained.  When advertising for the event it must be state that a valid ID is required and no one under the age of 18 will be permitted without a valid college ID.
  • All Friday and Saturday night events must end by 1:30 a.m. with everything cleaned up and everyone out of the building by 2 a.m.  Plan the event accordingly and adjust the ending time based on how much additional time is needed for clean up.  In the event that the ending time exceeds 2 a.m. a $75 charge will be accessed for each additional 15 minutes past 2 a.m.  For events held in the University Center there will be an addition Building Event Staff charge after 10:30pm.
  • Any excessive cleaning or repairs required as a result of the event will be the financial responsibility of the sponsoring organization and/or individual.
  • Our objective is for your event to be successful!  Please contact our office at 610-758-4163 if you have any questions, require additional guidance or clarification.
  • The Campus Event Advisory Group (CEAG) is available for any group who would like assistance with larger-scale events.


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