Poker Tournaments

The guidelines listed below are to be followed by all recognized student groups requesting to host an event in a Student Center Facility.  The University reserves the right to amend or modify the guidelines without notification.

  • The event cannot be advertised off campus.  Advertising on campus can not be done until approval for the event has been given.
  • If money is being collected Event/Police security may be required and will be up to the discretion of Lehigh University Police.

Fees or Buy-Ins

  • A fee cannot be charged to participate in the event.
  • Buy-ins are NOT PERMITTED. Money CANNOT be exchanged.


  • Sponsoring group may accept, but not require, donations in the name of a specific charity.
  • The name of the designated charity must be submitted in advance and verification of payment to the designated charity must be submitted to the University Center Reservation Desk or Student Programs within 30 days following the event.


  • All prizes must be awarded based solely on skill, talent, or knowledge.
  • Prizes cannot be monetary.
  • Money donated for a designated charity may not be used to purchase prizes.  An accurate record must be kept of all donations and verified to match money donated to the designated charity.
  • Alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substance cannot be offered as prizes.
  • Prizes to be given away cannot be offensive in anyway.
  • Prizes must be donated or purchased from a University account.
  • All groups will be required to submit a list of prizes for approval.  The list must be submitted at least one week in advance to the University Center Reservation Desk.

For further information contact the University Center Reservation Desk


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