Campus Closure Procedures for Inclement Weather or Catastrophic Events


Clients are advised to check local resources for the current status of campus prior to arriving for their event.  Local resources include the University’s website and the University’s News Hotline 610-758-6397.  In the event that the University closes at some point during regular operating hours Monday through Friday, we will attempt to notify the client of the campus closure, however, it is still the responsibility of the client to confirm whether the University is closed. 

In the event of a University initiated closure, the client will not be responsible for any set up or Student Center staffing charges for the duration of the closure.  Clients will be responsible for contacting Lehigh Catering directly at 610-758-4512 if food was ordered for the event.  In the event that the University is open for business and the event is cancelled, the client will be responsible for all charges as previously agreed to.


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