DIBs: Digital Information Boards

DIBs is the Student Center Facilities (SCF) digital sign system that displays digital images, campus events being held in our SCF buildings, cable television, along with Lehigh news feeds on multiple plasma and LCD screens. DIBs can display still images as well as video.

We reserve the right to accept advertisements based on how they will appear on the DIBs.  Your submission must be readable on the screen.  The criteria that must be met for these advertisements is as follows:

  • Only essential details are included
  • Large fonts
  • Landscape orientation
  • Large pictures (if included)

We will notify you if your advertisement is ineligible for posting on the DIBs. In the case that your advertisement will not be posted, we encourage you to redesign your submission and resubmit it.


  • University Center: Second floor, Grace Lounge food court seating area
  • Lamberton Hall: Hawks Nest

Advertising at no cost:

  • Recognized student groups advertising a Lehigh-sponsored event
  • Department advertising an event, class, or other Lehigh-related function or opportunity

Advertising costs:

  • Non-Lehigh business advertising
  • Sponsor advertising
  • Student entrepreneur business advertising
  • Student personal advertising

NOTE: Landlords interested in advertising off-campus residences on DIBs:
"On November 8, 2000, the Council of the City of Bethlehem passed Article 1739 titled Regulated Rental Unit Occupancy Ordinance, which requires an inspection of all rental units defined as  “a dwelling unit occupied by three or more, but not more than five, unrelated persons under a rental agreement.”  Lehigh requires that all landlords who wish to list rental properties using our service be an approved Regulated Rental through the City of Bethlehem if your property lies within Bethlehem City.  For more information or to obtain an application, contact the City of Bethlehem, Bureau of Inspections at 610-865-7091. If your rental property lies outside Bethlehem, you must meet code and all housing requirements for your respective housing bureau."

Advertising Fees:

  • Daily fee: $15 per day
  • Weekly fee: $25 per week
  • Monthly fee: $80 per month

Fees are payable one week prior to start date advertising.  Please allow enough time to for processing of invoice (allow up to three business days), payment, and receipt generating (up to three business days.) 

Processing:  An invoice will be e-mailed within three business days after receiving a DIBs Advertising Fee Request. Checks should be made payable to Lehigh University and sent to:  Student Center Facilities, 29 Trembley Drive C128, Bethlehem, PA  18015 or dropped off at the Student Center Facilities Reservation Desk.  A receipt will be emailed within three business days from the date of payment.

To advertise on DIBs, please complete the DIBs Request Form and submit your flyer or video. Include any additional information on the form you feel necessary, including desired display dates.

Information about Displaying Flyers and Videos


Flyers and videos are placed in a rotation. Each is displayed for 15 seconds.

Flyers and Videos that advertise for a coming event will be displayed until the event date. If you wish your flyer to be displayed for a specific period of time, please include a note with your submission.

Flyers that are intended as an ongoing advertisement will be featured for a maximum of one academic semester. If you wish to have ongoing advertisements displayed over consecutive semesters, we ask that you submit a re-designed flyer (via the DIBs Request Form) so that the sign content stays fresh.


Videos can be submitted in Flash, Quicktime (.mov), or Windows Media (.avi) format. Videos can incorporate sound. Videos longer than 15 seconds will not be displayed.


The number of times your flyer will be displayed at any given period of time will vary depending on the number of flyers currently in the rotation. For example: if there are 60 flyers being rotated at 15 seconds per flyer, each flyer will be shown once every 15 minutes.

Flyer Design Tips

You may send a .jpg copy of a flyer intended for print, but consider redesigning your flyer by including only essential details, making the fonts larger, and utilizing more space by using a landscape layout. If you are near one of the DIBs in Lamberton or the UC, look at the flyers in rotation to get an idea of what might work for your advertisement.

Please Note:

All advertising will be reviewed and posted at the discretion of the Office of Student Center Facilities. Advertising policies and fees are subject to change without notice.

DIBs guidelines are subject to change.





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